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July 20.1304-Italian poet Petrarch's Birthday

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(Jiachen June 17), July 20, 1304, the birth of the Italian poet Petrarch. Petrarch's Birthday

Italian poet Petrarch's Birthday
"target =" _blank "> Petrarch (1304-1374), the famous Italian early Renaissance poet and scholar, the founder of humanism, the the early bourgeois art and establishment of morality and his The inseparable from.
Petrarch father was a lawyer Florence Black Leader and City were expelled in 1302, moved to Arezzo in 1304 July 20, (lsjt.net) Petrarch was born here and later relocated after several moved to the south of France Avignon their home in 1312, the Holy See at the time there. (lssjt.cn) the upper strata of the Petrarch with Pope has close ties with this case is not only related to his growth, and also help him later humanist activities.
Petrarch juvenile favorite literature, rhetoric of classical works especially interested in poetry, Cicero lectures of 古罗马维吉尔 strongly attracted him, but his father has to become a jurist, from 1316 onwards, he worked in France Richmond Bolívar and of Bologna, Italy, to study law in 1320, his father died, he gave up the law, the freedom to develop their own passion and the same year he returned to Avignon as a secondary faculty 1330-1347 years, he has been in Cardinal Vanni Cologne that men worked. (lsjt.org)
church is not busy working, which makes his side to participate in the Holy See some of the political and diplomatic activities, side tirelessly learning literature, writing poetry as a poet, Petrarch's fame spread quickly in 1340, Paris and Rome competing for inviting him to accept Laurel result, he decided to go to Rome, April 8, 1341, his card in Rome. Toledo hill accept the title of "poet laureate"
Petrarch's poetry is very rich, "album", "A non-american", "Italian Song" and "Celebrity Biography" known world.
; Petrarch, July 19, 1374, died in a place called of Akwa the small village when it was discovered that he remains, his head buried in the manuscript of Virgil.

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