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July 20.1960-Mrs. Bandaranaike served as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

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July 20, 1960 (June 27), Boxer, Mrs. Bandaranaike served as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Bandaranaike,

Mrs. Bandaranaike served as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
Mrs. Bandaranaike served as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
the Lady
classes of Mrs. Bandaranaike ÃûÎ÷ÀöÂêÎÖ - Latewatai - Dias. Born in April 17, 1916, the Sinhalese Buddhists. Noble birth, Colombo Shengbu Li Qi Church girls' school graduation. Solomon - Bandaranaike in 1940 and then served as Chief Minister of health and local married, engaged in social welfare work and political activities. Served as Ceylon Country Women's Association, the All Ceylon Buddhist Women's Federation and the leadership of the Cultural Association of Ceylon work. her husband Solomon
1959 - Prime Minister Bandaranaike was assassinated, she succeeded as chairman of the Liberal Party. July 20, 1960 Sri Lankan presidential election, the Liberal Party defeated the ruling United National Party, Mrs. Bandaranaike became prime minister. Step down to become the leader of the opposition in 1965, and again in May 1970 cabinet. During his tenure (1960.7-1965.3,1970.5-1977) declared practicing socialism advocated a neutral and non-aligned in the international arena; actively promote Buddhism, encourage the development of the Sinhala language and culture; many times to attend the meeting of the Non-Aligned Heads of State and Government, has several visits to China. In In 1970, re-elected as the Prime Minister of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)

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