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July 20.1965-Li Tsung-jen, back to the mainland to settle in

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July 20, 1965 (June 22), Otomi, Li Tsung-jen, back to the mainland settlers.

Li Tsung-jen, back to the mainland to settle in
Zhou Enlai at the airport to greet Li Tsung-jen (front left) and his wife of Guo Dejie (front left 4) In 1965, July 20, 2010, before the National Government's Acting President Li Tsung-jen and his wife, Guo Dejie back to settle returning from overseas arrived in Beijing, came to the airport to meet Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. Accompanying Li Tsung-jen returning Li Tsung-jen, secretary Cheng Siyuan. (History cn)
Li Tsung-jen at the airport, read out a statement, expressed his thanks to the multi-care and a warm welcome in the Chinese Communist Party and state leaders. He expressed the hope that the Kuomintang in Taiwan Rin national cause, decided to return to the embrace of the motherland, unity against the United States, unanimously, for the completion of the final reunification of the state to make a useful contribution. 16 years overseas Guilt of body, the sense of I people throughout the country under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and Chairman Mao wise, the country is flourishing, returned to China from overseas ... I decided to look forward to follow, he said: I of the National People participate in socialist construction, and wishes to contribute to all patriotic anti-imperialist career. ...... "Zhou Enlai dinner that night Li Tsung-jen and his party, and on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPPCC National Committee decided to return of Li Tsung-jen expressed his warm welcome.
27, Mao Zedong met with Li Tsung-jen, couples and Cheng Siyuan. Mao Zedong said: "You come back, well, you are most welcome. Li Tsung-jen said: We're back, are powerful motherland happy. Overseas many people miss the motherland, they are eager to return to the motherland to. Mao Zedong said: motherland is stronger than in the past, but is not very strong, at least we'll have to build two to three years to really strong. Went overseas, those who are willing to come back, we will welcome. They come back, we have to treat it. Mao Zedong, Li Tsung-jen, to take a look around the country. [L $ j¦Ó.c¨½]

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