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July 22.1812-The outbreak of the Battle of Salamanca

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July 22, 1812 (, Ren Shen on June 14), the outbreak of the Battle of Salamanca.

The outbreak of the Battle of Salamanca
In July of 1812, the outbreak of the Battle of Salamanca, led by the Duke of Wellington, the British, [lssdjt.cn] Spain, [lssdjt.cn] Portugal coalition 50,000 47,000 French troops defeated the French Marshal Marmont command. Casualties of the French army captured up to 17,000 people, three generals killed, four generals were captured, the coalition of about 5,000 casualties.
Arthur Wellesley Wellington (ArthurWellesleyWellington ,1769-1852), British field marshal. Duke. Born in Dublin, Ireland. He graduated from France Aung, such as the military academy. Serving in the British army from 1787. Wars of conquest led his army in India in 1796, has captured Mysore Kingdom and Marat Union countries. Back in 1805, any Ireland Secretary of State for the Iberian Peninsula, the outbreak of war in 1808, he served as the commander-in-chief of the AngloPortuguese army, his troops fighting with the French army of Napoleon. Defeated the French army in succession war in 1808 Weimiyeluo, 1809 Porto Battle, the 1811 Wei Tesi - 德奥尼奥罗 Battle and the 1812 Battle of Salamanca. 1813 capture of Madrid Battle of xxx hit the French army, and scored in France in 1814, was given the title Duke of, promoted to field marshal. Command of Anglo-Dutch forces completely defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. 1815-1818, he served in France Allied Commander-in-Chief. 1828-1830 British prime minister. 1834-1835, he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. 1842-1852 he was the British army commander in chief. Had opposed the reform bill, the suppression of the 1848 Charter movement. Died September 14, 1852, in Kent.
Review: Iron Duke out of the mountains, swept Napoleon's army

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