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July 23.1920-The Russian wave Warsaw battle started

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On June eighth day) (Gengshen years, July 23, 1920, Russia, Poland Warsaw battle started. Soviet Red Army cavalry

The Russian wave Warsaw battle started
war in Russia, Poland In July 1920, Russia, Poland in Warsaw battle started. Soviet Red Army Commander-in-Chief Kamenev Order Western Army for the Battle of rest, continue Zhuijian defeated the wave Army, later than August 12 to force a crossing of the Vistula capture of Warsaw, the Southwest Area Army redirected Lviv offensive. The synergy of the Red Army, two army so destroyed, resulting in the defeat of the Soviet Red Army in the Warsaw City. OpenCourseWare Comment: Russia, Poland War to the end of the failure of the Soviet Union, (lsjt.net) as well as the end of the Cossack history

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