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July 23.1921-Chinese Communist Party first congress

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(Yau, June 19), July 23, 1921, the Chinese Communist Party's first congress convened. Chinese Communist Party General Assembly

Chinese Communist Party first congress
Chinese Communist Party first congress
Chinese Communist Party first congress
Chinese Communist Party first congress
Chinese Communist Party first congress
1921 8:00 in the evening of July 23, the Communist Party of China for the first time, the first meeting of the National People's Congress in Shanghai French Concession Wangzhi Road, Hanjun brother Lee Bookstore home convened. Mao Zedong, Dong, Chen Tanqiu, Shuheng, Wang ember United States, Enming, Hanjun, Li Da Liu Renjing, tao, Gongbo, Zhou Fohai 12 people, more than 50 members representing the National Conference. The Comintern representative of Marin and Nicole Love also attended the meeting. Conference report first Marin, he told the third international mission and tasks of the Party, it is recommended that the Chinese party to pay special attention to the work of the workers, and then drew up the agenda of the meeting, the development of the party's program and the actual work plan Election of the leadership of the party.
July 27 to 29, three consecutive meeting to discuss the party's program. July 30, meeting the enemy found delegates to discuss that night, decided to change the meeting location. Exactly Ms. Li Dade Jiaxing, Zhejiang, and therefore closer from Shanghai Jiaxing decided the next day to go to the meeting. in Nanhu a cruise on
7 May 31, 2009, the delegates held a "last meeting. At this meeting, through a "platform" (15). "Platform" clearly states: "Our party is named the Communist Party of China". The second article of the party's program to overthrow the political power of the capitalist class, the eradication of the capitalist private ownership of the means of production, and recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat, communism aspects. Assembly to determine the party's organizing principle of democratic centralism; nature of the party is the vanguard of the working class. The General Assembly also identified the party of the center is to carry out the workers' movement. (L $ djτ.cōm)
Election Central Bureau of the Assembly as the lead agency for the whole party. Chen Duxiu as a secretary of the Central Bureau of the tao Organization Director, Li Da Publicity Officer. first
party's National People's Congress, the official declaration of the great Chinese Communist Party was born. Since then, there have been a completely new, armed with Marxism-Leninism, proletarian party unified, and bring hope and light to the disaster-ridden people. The founding of the Communist Party of China is an epoch-making event, had a decisive impact on the course of history in China.
now, people "July 1" as the party's birthday, this is because the Chinese Communist Party in the early establishment, activities in the White Terror under the organizational procedures are relatively simple, leaving written very bring some difficulties to later determine the party's birthday. Commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding in 1941, it is the War of Resistance Against Japan, then outside the Japanese aggression within reactionaries blockade, can not figure out what "big" the convening of the exact date of the CPC Central Committee decided to put the first day of July, as a birthday party to commemorate. In recent years, after to history research workers to research, according to the then foreign literature and memories of the parties that the July 23, 1921, the Chinese Communist Party Congress of the opening day first.
the Chinese Communist Party, "a" represents
accommodation of the Congress of the CPC, the former Bo cross-girls' schools: White Seoul Road No. 389
; Hesen Jingyu, Cai Chang, Li Weihan in Montargis Park photo

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