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July 23.1926-The franc fell the French government in trouble

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(Bingyin June 14), July 23, 1926, the franc fell to the French government in trouble. In 1926 7 23 morning, France has always been fighting each other trying to unite political forces, and its purpose is to save France from bankruptcy. To be successful, they must try to maintain a weak franc and lower food prices. This is

, Puan Caray 4th, Raymond organizations government, he still serves as the Secretary of the Treasury. His former prime ministers, five ministers, some belonging to the right-wing, some belong to the left-wing Radical Party leader Herriot almost single-handedly overthrew the previous government. the
However, these politicians must find the way they work, because France is in a fiscal crisis. Franc price of the last few weeks the growing decline, the Bank of France's national reserve deposits almost all mention empty. Morgan Group loans, the Treasury might well have closed, members of the public are also angry, because the price of bread almost every day to rise somewhat.
in this financial crisis, French politicians to suspect that announced a reduction in the economic adjustment after the collapse of the previous government, without the consent of the parliament, the new government do this more carefully. Obviously, it will request, but does not require citizens to delivery of part of the tax as soon as possible, in order to meet domestic spending and foreign debt.

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