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July 25.1668-The Tancheng 8.5 magnitude earthquake

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July 25, 1668 (, Shigenobu June 17), Tancheng 8.5 earthquake.

The Tancheng 8.5 magnitude earthquake
The Tancheng 8.5 magnitude earthquake
The Tancheng 8.5 magnitude earthquake
Shandong JUXIAN Zou Chuang tombstone earthquake bad - tancheng earthquake ruins
the evening of 25 AD July 1668 (June 17, 2007 Xushi Kangxi), Shandong Tancheng a destructive earthquake, East China, North China, more than 10 provinces in more than 410 counties, and even the Korean Peninsula, about 500 kinds of Annals, chronicles, inscriptions and poetry such as this earthquake made detailed records, including destruction The records of more than 150 counties, the devastating earthquake of historical records on the history of the most informative and rich. the earthquake affected the most
serious the Tancheng today, Linyi, linshu, at the junction of the vicinity. Kangxi Tancheng County "records" the Kangxi June 17, 2007 Xushi earthquakes, sound from northwest to the moment of buildings and trees are all backwards bend forward, to the top to the ground even two or three times, each of Britain that pour tower battlements, official residences, houses and villages, monasteries and the moment all collapsed, such as the ground, ... its time to crack, Quan, spray two, thirty feet high, and over the water, the ditch will all profit, when they moved that naught people stand on the ground, such as Lu boulders and, after shaking, can not stand that trap potential shift Fangding, Court eup about hundreds of thousands of earthquake collapsed houses, the ground fissure or slit width can not be more, or deep dare depending trap at Jieru class level, the cracks on both sides there are silt sand, they trap shades wide narrow shape is difficult to prepare state, really gone with odd disaster ". In addition, most of Shandong, Jiangsu, northern Anhui have suffered varying degrees of damage.
the earthquake in eastern China, the only time a 8.5 earthquake, is three times the 8.5 earthquake, one Tibet detect 8.5 Haiyuan earthquake of December 16, 1920 and November 18, 1950 (the other two corner of the 8.5 earthquake), resulting in the deaths of approximately 50,000 people. the
Shandong Junan County White Changcun king? the broken tombstones shock - the Tancheng earthquake ruins

of Shandong Qufu Confucius Temple rebuilt the two Templar sequence monument - - Tancheng the earthquake ruins
Comments: recall the bloody history and memory of what fathers suffering, cherish it!

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