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July 25.1841-Qing Dynasty scholar, writer Rein's death

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Chuba (June 1901), July 25, 1841, the death of the Qing Dynasty scholar and writer Rein. the death of Rein,

Qing Dynasty scholar, writer Rein's death
Qing Dynasty scholar, writer Rein's death
, "target =" _blank "> Rein (1769-1841) to Qing Dynasty scholar and writer. word Shen SAGE, Dusk keep an elderly Poyang Lake (now part of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province) Jiaqing 10 years (1805) Scholars, the election Shuji Shi, charging Wu Yingdian Association repair, change Fengtai magistrate; Speaker Jiangyin Jiyang College after 20 years.
the Rein fine Geographers, textual, exegetical science. advocates parallel hybrid, scattered two long prose is different and Tongcheng School, one of the writers of Poyang Lake represented he made articles, in general, to carry out their ideas, such as "give industry the Yanase hoof sequence for the text," ink volume hope gas sequence "," Morpha Wenchao sequence "and" Dynasty Wen typical sequence parallel bulk chief economic affair blend of "refinement Floor worship Wang Rong Fu Mr. Kee", "Tong Cheng Yao's □ dock but unfortunately hold two Mr. Chuan "written and wan sincere; the Tongcheng Yao Fan, Yao Nai two men, also expressed Esteem, not held sectarianism. Tang Chenglie Reposted. raising a vegetarian anthology sequence" Comment the school: "all working part-Draw on the hook protracted dynasties, research fine extreme consideration to a Where practical work will seek its. "Selected" the Pian body Wenchao "has always been the best parallel prose anthology, marked For the purposes of the Wei, Jin and Six Dynasties
Rein wrote to" keep a vegetarian anthology "20 volumes, Xianfeng two early Block printed in 1878 re- Block printed. logic Dynasty Wen-tien, 70, Qing dominate Geographers, Fengtai County, "12," geographic rhyme series "21, the parallel style Wenchao 31 volume such as book learning skills deep, especially good deeds grass "quatrain" for the the running script works, fifty-five book, Rein masterpiece.

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