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July 25.1886-Chongqing Missionary Cases

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(, June 24 BingXu), July 25, 1886, the Chongqing lesson plans. July 25, 2011,

Chongqing Missionary Cases
Chongqing Missionary Cases
Chongqing Missionary Cases
1886, [l $ djτ.ōrɡ] Missionary Cases in Chongqing. (L $ jτ.cń)
1886, U.S. and British missionaries in Chongqing Budo off geese Xiang Jing and trees monument two strong repair churches. The public spread placard about the period of anti-clericalism. July 2, businessmen strike, the Wu Ju Chongqing sit Hygienists exam worth mentioning, continuous burned American churches and houses of the British and French. The mob relying on church forces to oppress the people of parishioners Luoyuan Yi residential. Luo command of thugs hundred people, killing and wounding more than 30 masses, the masses incomparable anger. July 25, gathered more than 3,000 people, destroyed the outside white fruit French Catholic Church's College, and the protection of the Church of the Qing gang fights, the youth stone sinks Nusha the Benten soldiers. In Jiangbei, Ying Jiang, Nanchuan, Tongliang, Dazu County masses flared up response, set off a new wave of the struggle of the the Chuandong anti-foreign religion. Missionary Cases, British, American, French envoy to the Qing wantonly threatening Qing anxious to send Sichuan Governor Liu Bingzhang "the investigation and handling of the last payment of compensation in the execution of the murderer Luoyuan Yi executions stone sinks and 335,000 two. the have fallen rebel army destroyed
anti-foreign religions teach uprising
anti ocean bulletin after the the church's horse ran
repair Yudong Chen 1895 one --- Long Town, Dazu County

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