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July 25.1909-The aircraft successfully flew for the first time the English Channel

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July 25, 1909 (on Jiyou In June, the ninth day), the aircraft first successfully flew over the English Channel. French pilots

The aircraft successfully flew for the first time the English Channel
Bligh Rio
In 1909, France pilots Bligh Rio to become the first man to fly across the English Channel. The flight took off from Calais near the landing at Dover Castle, which lasted 43 minutes. In this way, he won the "Daily Mail" £ 1,000 bonus this flight is Europe's three most outstanding pilots attack target, they are Bligh Rio Earl Lambert and Hugh Perth Latham . The three of them arrived at the Calais camp, ready to try. Lambert aircraft bad, can not fly; six days before the test flight once, without success.
Lambert was driving a "Antoinette" monoplane. 6:40 Sang Gete chalk broken walls, near Calais, on top of takeoff. The weather conditions are ideal, he flew pretty good, has been flown to an altitude of about 1,000 feet (he said it was a new record of high-altitude flight). The aircraft flew Strait central, suddenly broke down. Lambert gently drive the plane landed on the water, and then been side by side with the aircraft forward a French Lulei boat rescued.
Bligh Rio daga to Channel 4 days ago, he was driving a monoplane with Lambert's design is similar, but slightly smaller, with a biplane propeller, three cylinder engine for power. Bligh Rio original plan was immediately on the flight, but bad weather postponed. The 25-day flight in good condition, Bligh Rio completed within 37 minutes of the 21-mile flight took off at 5:00. The fly in the ointment was slightly injured when his landing.
this success is the the Bligh Rio a flying career pinnacle. In 1907, he started flying just flying 600 feet away. In the second year, he flew nearly half a mile to get the medal awarded by the French flying club. Previously, his most significant achievements over the strait Douai flight on July 3, 1909: 47 minutes a little more time, flying more than 40 km. November 1908, when he intended to land near Chartres, the aircraft turned over, Bligh Rio parachute saved his narrow escape; Bligh Rio absorption hoon level will a member of the Legion of Honor in France.
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