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January 13.1989-The promulgation of the "national key protected wild animal list

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(Boshin twelfth lunar month sixth days), January 13, 1989, issued by the "national key protected wild animal list.

1989 1 13, approved by the State Council promulgated the "national key protected wild animal list.
According to China's Wildlife Protection Act "and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, prepared jointly by the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Agriculture, the directory lists a total of 96 kinds of national level focus on the protection of wild animals or species, such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, gibbons, dolphin, Chinese sturgeon; lists two key protected wild animals of 160 kinds or species, such as monkeys, black bears, golden cat, red deer, Mongolian gazelle, Swan, hawksbill, amphioxus, etc.. Directory also made a specific division of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, clear by fisheries, forestry administrative departments in charge of specific types.
The promulgation of the directory is to further strengthen the protection of national key protected wild animals, if hunting or wildlife listed reselling List, will be punished by law.

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