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July 25.1984-China's first joint-stock enterprise established

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July 25, 1984 (JiaZi June 27), set up China's first joint-stock enterprise. flyovers Corporation

China's first joint-stock enterprise established

Beijing on China's first joint-stock enterprise in the end is the question of which one, Several indisputable "winning". The average person's view is this: With the the Beijing Tianqiao Department Store Co., Ltd. was established in the morning of July 25, 1984, around the start quietly with corporate demutualization try. The company first wholesale line stock of 300 million, its predecessor was founded in 1953 owned enterprise flyover Department Store. In the mid and late 1980s, the Chinese state-owned enterprises can no longer cover up the embarrassment of its difficult shareholding system reform is considered to be a good way to save the state-owned enterprises have been unanimous praise. On in the the theoretical circles argumentation shareholding is only a form of organization of the modern enterprise, there is no "socialism" and "capitalism" social attributes, the coast of Shanghai, Shenzhen has introduced more than the stock market companies. In these companies, the the the "IPO myth" of the Shenzhen Development Bank, established in 1986 to promote China's joint-stock reform movement scale. Shenzhen Development Bank shares also initially assessed before the government staff barely finished. April 7, 1988, and approved by the head office of the People's Bank of China, Shenzhen Development Bank shares listed for trading, (lssdjt.cn) first started trading stocks. Stir in the Shenzhen stock market frenzy in 1990 after a group of millions and multi-millionaire, the people began to notice the huge stock market value-added features. It is in this sense, many people believe that the Shenzhen Development Bank is the first real joint-stock enterprises.

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