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July 25.1992-The opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games

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(Renshen June 26), July 25, 1992, the opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games.

The opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games
The opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games
The opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games
The opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games
The opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games
at the Barcelona Olympics men's 3,000-meter steeplechase race, players have launched a fierce competition for
25, 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games opening ceremony. (Lsjt.org)
participating in this Games, a total of 173 countries and regions, including north and south Yemen, (lsjt.net), East and West Germany merged into a National Olympic Committee, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in addition to the three Baltic foreign The remaining 12 countries together constitute the CIS team, Yugoslav athletes were allowed a personal capacity. On the morning of July 26, the 18-year-old female high school students in Korea, Lu A cis Air Rifle race, won the first gold medal, opened a prelude to the Olympic Games gold medal battle. 40O meters hurdles race, Kevin - Young
the United States, refresh Moses kept a 9-year-old world record. BOY relay team to new heights and broke the world record in the 4x100 meters and 4X400 meters two projects. Athletics, breaking the Olympic record of six and three world record glory for the significant increase in the current Games.
men's 10,000 m gold medal dispute dramatic change. Finals, crossing the finish line first Moroccan athlete being accused teammates "illegal" to help cancel champion eligible to get the gold medal for the second Kenyan athletes to reach the finish line. The Moroccan team refuses to accept the appeal to the IAAF, IAAF awards gold medals to be returned Morocco. But the Kenyan athletes are not for the gold medal was won and lost while discouraged, they not only swept the championship in the 800 meters race, still in the race to dominate the 3,000-meter steeplechase gold, silver and bronze medals. Four years later, they once again swept the finals of this project.
current swimming competition won the overall harvest, and to create a nine world records. CIS Popov beat the Biondi, won the 50 meters and 100 meters freestyle gold medals, the front end of American domination of the men's swim short distances. Four years after his reelection two projects Olympics Kou Army. The last 200 meters, 400 meters individual medley gold medalist Hungary's Da Erni, due to a motorcycle accident in 1989, almost left eye blindness, after long-term treatment to maintain a certain vision. Comeback in 1991, he had many successes in the 6th World Swimming Championships, The to reelection two titles in Barcelona.
China sent 251 athletes participated in the 20-game total of 16 gold, 22 silver, 16 bronze, listed fourth in the medals table. Chen Yueling won the 10-kilometer walk first, to become China's first Olympic track and field champion. Zhang Shan won the race in the coed projects skeet shooting, became the first gold medal of the Olympic clay shooting history female athletes. Starting from the next, the UFO game men and women separately, Zhang Shan has become the only award in the history of man. Our swimming women's team, through the waves, made 4 gold, 5 silver and brilliant achievements. the British athletes
Linford - Christie became the third Englishman to win the Olympic 100-meter race champion
32-year-old U.S. basketball star Magic Johnson won the Olympic gold medal can not help but burst into tears after
U.S. "Dream Team" composed by professional basketball players such as Michael Jordan, Johnson, superb playing balls and a magic show, a sensation throughout the Barcelona
< ; br> in the 25th Olympic Games, a human CIS gymnast Scherbo won six gold medals

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