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July 25.1995-The end of the Asia-Pacific II "investigation of the cause of the blast

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July 25, 1995 (June 28), seeing in the Asia-Pacific II "investigation of the cause of the blast was the end of 25,

in 1995 and American experts on the investigation of the causes of the explosion in the Asia-Pacific II has ended and The joint communique was released to the press the day developed
the U.S. Hughes Space Communications International Inc. (Hughes) Asia-Pacific level satellite (HS601) on January 26, 1995 by the China Great Wall Industry Corporation Long March II E-type carrier rocket launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, in normal flight of the rocket exploded about 50 seconds, resulting in a total loss of the satellite and the rocket.
failure, Great Wall Industry Corporation and Hughes Interface Control Document under the satellite and the rocket experts and technical staff to identify the reason for the failure.
Great Wall Industry Corporation and the Hughes report concluded that the cause of the failure of the two can be a bear, a winter high-altitude wind shear conditions, the special connection of the satellite and the upper stage of the launch vehicle harmonic reported, resulting in the satellite local structural damage in the high-altitude winter cut variable wind conditions, the fairing of the launch vehicle suffered local structural damage. spirit of responsible users and aerospace insurance sector, the Great Wall and Hughes will work together to eliminate the above-mentioned cause of the malfunction, and to strengthen the monitoring of shear wind aloft before launch.
Great Wall Industry Corporation and Hughes again certainly a long-term friendly relations of cooperation between them, and the firm continue to expand the areas of cooperation in line with the commercial interests of both sides confidence. (lsjt.net)

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