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July 25.1997-Boeing and McDonnell Douglas shareholders approved the merger

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June 21 (Landmarks), July 25, 1997, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas shareholders approve the merger.

1997, 25, 2009, at the general meeting of shareholders of the Company held by each of the Boeing Company and McDonnell Douglas, the shareholders approved a plan of the Boeing merger McDonnell Douglas.
the Boeing shareholders vote, The $ 140 billion to $ 15 billion merger in favor of more than 99%. McDonnell Douglas's voting results in favor of 75.8%. According to plan, this merger will come into effect on August 1. From August 4, follow the Boeing Company, the new company will start operating. Boeing's share of the world more than 100 aircraft market will reach 70%, much higher than the 30% of its only competitor Airbus in Europe.
EU firmly oppose the merger transaction. Boeing to make concessions, the European Commission, 23 initially agreed to this merger.

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