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July 27.1996-Olympic cities Atlanta explosion

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July 27, 1996, June 12 (Rat), the Olympic city of Atlanta exploded.

Olympic cities Atlanta explosion
security personnel trying to rescue wounded In July 1997 27 13:15 Atlanta Olympic Games Main Press Centre near the Olympic Park a bombing occurred about two hundred people were injured, four deaths.
explosions occurred within a sea of ​​people in the Olympic Park. In a white tent in the stage of the Olympic Park after a bomb suddenly exploded. At that time, the loud sound shocked all journalists in the Main Press Center. Immediately have to leave the park. The police immediately surrounded the scene of the explosion.
Mission Ministry officials, according to the Chinese sports delegation said a member of the Chinese sports delegation, hurt no one in the Olympic Park bombing.
explosion, all Chinese players and officials have to sleep in a place very far distance Olympic Village. In addition, more than 170 Chinese reporters dispersed in multiple resident also majority have returned to the hotel to rest. One by the bombing damage.
16:10, the American television network reported that police also found two explosives. The fire brigade officials said at least 200 people were injured, four people were killed in the bombing. But Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell said on television, one killed and about 50 people were injured by the blast.

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