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January 24.1601-Ricci came to Beijing, China to spread Christianity

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Twelfth lunar month twenty (Boxer), January 24, 1601, Matteo Ricci came to Beijing, China to spread Christianity. Wanli, 18, 2009 (20 years)

1600, Ricci took Pantoja Father (DidacedePantoja), and dedicated to the emperor's gift ready again to Beijing on January 24, 1601 arrived in Beijing. Into was the chime clock, the Bible, the "map", Atlantic Qin peers may Shenzong trust. In the same year, Ming Shenzong, issued an edict to allow Ricci et al Nagai in Beijing. China's court had not noticed, Ricci long stay in Beijing to spread Christianity. After Matteo Ricci in Beijing the rich stuff scholarship, make China's literati. Talk about God, the soul, heaven, hell, often with guests. While compiling the book, written in Chinese, "Twenty-Five-character" to get the respect of many Chinese intellectuals. By 1605, more than 200 people in Beijing Catholic several Gongqing Minister. Which the most famous, and was also the greatest impact Chin was born Hanlin Xu Guangqi. May 11, 1610 (Wanli 30) Ricci died in Beijing, thanks buried flat in the ditch outside. Specified before his death and Longobardi (NicolasLonglbardi) took over the duties in the church. Ricci (MatteoRicci, 1552 October 6, 2011 -1610 years 11 days), Italian Jesuit missionary, scholar. 1583 (Ming Dynasty) came to live in China. Its original name in Chinese literally translated as Mati Ou Leach, Ricci is his Chinese name, number Xi Tai, No. Qingtai, Xijiang. Popular in the Chinese literati respect, known as "the West Confucian scholars. He is one of the pioneers of the Catholic missionary work in China, but also the first to read Chinese literature and Western scholars studying the Chinese classics. Addition to Catholic teachings, but also make Chinese officials and celebrities, the spread of Western astronomy, mathematics, geography, science and technology knowledge. His writings not only an important contribution to the exchange of Chinese and Western, (l $ djτ.ōrɡ) Western civilization also had an important impact on Japan and the Korean peninsula countries recognize.

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