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January 30.1902-Japan to become Britain's allies in the Pacific

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Twelfth lunar month twenty) (1901, January 30, 1902, Japan became allies of the British in the Pacific.

1902 1 30, the conclusion of a defensive alliance between Japan and the United Kingdom. The two countries agreed to each other mutual respect for each other's interests in China and North Korea, and agree to, (Lssdjt.com) before contracting with a third country to consult with each other. (Cn, history.)
Japan and the United Kingdom in the Far East trade plan and imperialist policies are similar, the new covenant between the two countries seem conducive to their common interests. After the the China war between 1894-95, the Japanese recognize a harsh truth: it needs a European allies. Russia, France, Germany forced Japan to South Manchuria, it won in the war returned to China. After the Boxer Rebellion, the Russians occupied southern Manchuria and close to North Korea. Japan obviously feel more threatened.
1839-1842 years since the Opium War, the United Kingdom has been in China to expand their own interests. Now, the British feel that the development of Russia, Germany and France became a threat to their own. London also have new allies in the Far East will be safer. the treaty announcement
2 12, the first Anglo-Japanese Alliance was established. (Lssdjt.com)

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