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July 30.1966-Hong Kong "sexy" movie star Irene was born

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July 30, 1966 (June 13), Ping Wu, Hong Kong movie star "sexy" Irene was born. born

Hong Kong "sexy" movie star Irene was born
Hong Kong "sexy" movie star Irene was born
Hong Kong "sexy" movie star Irene was born
Hong Kong "sexy" movie star Irene was born
Irene "target =" _blank "> Irene Wan, formerly known as Wenbi Yu, 30, was born in Hong Kong in July 1966 Tiu Keng Leng, the father of former KMT veteran Hong Kong actor early" sexy beauty known, was named beauty rather than acting. marry a Hong Kong businessman He Zuguang on October 1, 2000, wedding hotels in Phuket, Thailand bodhi tree (Banyan Tree) He Zuguang is KMT elder Yingqin's grandson, worked at Salomon Brothers Hong Kong Limited, vice president of Asia-Pacific investment banking married Irene Wan fade out the entertainment, but occasionally still performed drama, mainly in mainland China.
early years "sexy beauty," said Irene Wan marry Hong Kong businessman to lead a life of happiness soul mate. fade out of the entertainment business for many years, remains the same good looks and charming figure, brimming with the charm of a mature woman.
Irene married into the wealthy, this wealthy unusual not only money and status, is Yingqin's grandson He Zuguang more Duoliaoyifen aristocratic than the husband of Brigitte Lin, Gong Li.
Irene Wan since 2000, happily married do other women after gradually reduced media exposure, and peace of mind when Lady Windermere's trend. before the stage in TV station hit Gangju "Gods", [the L $ djτ.ЙЁT] She played in which Su Daji, but this is 2000 years before getting married film from last year, she turned to the Mainland, the filming of a TV series and several ad was suspicion due to her marriage to the red light, of course! the (history TodayOnHistory. com) in front of Irene Wan is clearly immersed in the happiness woman.

comment: one around the house seen as warm harbor actress

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  • visiter--2018-03-14 21:24:18:My dear Irene, Love you for Love me. Mehdi Hasan Bangladesh.