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August 4.1998-Cheung Kong Scholars Program started

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August 4, 1998 (June 13) Tiger years, the Cheung Kong Scholars Program started.

1998, the total funding set up by the Ministry of Education and Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong patriotic businessman led by Cheung Kong Infrastructure (Group) Co., Ltd. "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" started.
"Cheung Kong Scholars Program", including the establishment of the post system and the establishment of "Yangtze Scholar Award of Distinguished Professor. According to the the implementation measures formulated by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education will be set in the national college national key construction disciplines in 3-5 years 300-500 Professor positions, set the disciplines of Professor positions must be economic and social development in China has great significance to achieve academically or most likely to reach the international advanced level of national key construction disciplines or teaching and research strength in the forefront of the development of international disciplines, is expected to achieve major breakthroughs in the emerging disciplines. Distinguished Professor Responsibilities: teach courses in the core curriculum; presided over major national scientific research studies; Echelon Building in the leadership of the discipline; led the discipline to catch up or maintain the international advanced level in the frontier area.
allowed to colleges and universities at home and abroad set Professor positions open recruitment deep academic attainments, development potential, has the ability to lead the discipline of young and middle-aged talents. Post Allowance of personnel employed by Professor positions to enjoy 100,000 yuan per year within the duration of employment; wages, insurance, welfare or other benefits, while enjoying the school where provided in accordance with relevant state regulations. Distinguished Professor of significant achievements during his tenure, and make a significant contribution will be amply rewarded. Mr. Li Ka-shing invested 10 million Hong Kong dollars to set up the "Cheung Kong Scholars Achievement Award, given annually to recognize time.

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