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August 4.1998-China first summit Bogda Peak

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August 4, 1998 (June 13) Tiger years, the Chinese first ascent Bogda Peak. In In August 1998, the Chinese people first set foot on the highest peak of the Eastern Tianshan Mountains, the Bogda Peak at 5445 meters above sea level. Accomplish this feat is an amateur climbers from Urumqi.

China first summit Bogda Peak
Bogda Peak the magnificent posture and steep terrain known to the world, in the past had the support of foreign climbers to reach the top, but no one summit climbers in China. Zhezhi 12 climbers from all sectors of society, including state cadres, teachers, entrepreneurs, news reporters, and doctors. August 3, the climbers is divided into four sections groups each section sister, the impact from the North Slope elevation of 4,700 meters on the 3rd camp to the summit. Captain Wang Tienan led the first section group to reach an altitude of 5080 meters surprise camps climbing the top encounter snow, fog and visibility of less than two meters, had to place the rest ready, one of them is extremely weak and descent. On the morning of August 4 8:40, Wang rate the other players Zhangdong to the summit assault, eight hours hard climbing, and finally the summit and subsequently the climbers second thirty-four of the group of six players climbed its peak.
It is understood that, for the climb, this climbers a year ago on the special preparations. Li Zhixin, vice chairman of the National Mountaineering Association, said Bo peak is a typical type peaks the amateur climbers can climb to the top is a miracle in the history of the Chinese Mountaineering.

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