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August 4.1789-The abolition of the feudal system in France

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August 4, 1789 (, Jiyou June 14), the abolition of the feudal system in France.

1789 14 French Revolution storming of the Bastille victory. 1789 French absolute monarchy crisis, third grade representatives on behalf of the bourgeoisie to fight two privileged class of nobles and monks, the establishment of the National Assembly, to rival the power of the monarch, the decision tree, the national legal authority to limit the powers of the king, demanding the thorough reform of financial administration, while the king was replaced advocates reform of the financial director grams and troops prepare repression. National Assembly meeting on the tennis court confrontation with the king, the people of Paris to support the National Assembly, demoralize the army of the king, and the victory of the National Assembly, help the bourgeoisie of state power, the king was forced to recall Necker admit riot legitimate. Noble Parliament in the National Assembly on the evening of August 4,
1789 Nuoya Yi Viscount gratuitous abolition of feudal labor service, serfdom and other personal servitude, all feudal rights by a public body, redemption or payment of cash or the basis of equitable The valuation of the exchange, the whole country should be per person income ratio to pay tax - namely the abolition of duty-free rights. Proposal on the evening of August 4, August 5 as the National Association of the promulgation of the Constituent Assembly enacted the Act of the abolition of the feudal system, the abolition of all feudal privileges, this law greatly limits the rights of the feudal aristocracy and part of the right of the big bourgeoisie, the important events of the history of the French Revolution. The adoption of this decree has a a peasant uprising background.

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