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August 4.1971-China and Turkey to establish diplomatic relations

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August 4, 1971 (, Xinhai June 14), the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Turkey.

China and Turkey to establish diplomatic relations
China and Turkey to establish diplomatic relations
Turkey, the full name of the Republic of Turkey. Meaning "brave country. Across Europe and Asia, the Asian part of the total area of ​​97%. Area of ​​814,578 square kilometers (including territorial waters). A population of 60 million (1993), the Turks more than 80%. Official language of Turkey to establish diplomatic relations "target =" _blank "> Turkish Islam 99% capital Ankara. Mineral boron, antimony, chromium an important role in the world, in addition to copper, iron, coal, etc. forest area of ​​20 million hectares in more developed agricultural industry foundation. per capita GNP of $ 2,685 (1995), the major agricultural products such as wheat, barley, cotton, tobacco, food self-sufficient. developed animal husbandry, Ankara sheep world famous industrial textile, food, as well as petrochemical, metallurgy, cement, automobile exports textiles, agricultural products, petroleum products, leather, minerals, etc.; imported crude oil, machinery and electronic products, chemicals, vehicles, coal, non-ferrous metals etc. Istanbul and other ports. (history com) Turks known as Turks. 8 to the 13th century the Turks moved to Asia Minor. establishment of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century. century heyday 15 to 16 across Europe the three continents of Asia, Africa and the 20th century became a colony of Britain, France, Germany and other countries. Turkish Republic founder of Kemal's Birthday "target =" _blank "> Kemal launched a nationalist revolution in 1919. October 29, 1923 (Republic Day), the establishment of the Turkish Republic. Pursues a policy of alliance with the West. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, close relations with the countries in the region. August 4, 1971 to establish diplomatic relations with China.

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