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August 4.1906-The opera script the first time published in book form

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August 4, 1906 (June 15), Ping Wu, opera script was compiled and published for the first time. Silang Visits his Mother stills of the

The opera script the first time published in book form
The opera script the first time published in book form
" drawing Kyoto Sanqing classes truly Complete Works "published in Beijing tune, cast in mind bookstores stone hard copy vain editors, wire-bound 10 episodes. A total repertoire of 48, the title page drawing 36. The Complete Works "true Kyoto first class the stage star Guo Xiuhua Quben" repertoire "Zhuofang Cao" 4 "the guillotine U.S. case," Nantianmen Qinghe Bridge "; early set as" the real Kyoto first class stage star small even Health Quben repertoire "Tan Mu", "back order", "Shepherd volume" and "exit 4; two sets for the" truly first class within Ayutthaya stage star Xu Department libretto and repertoire "Mulberry," difunctional Patent, "recommended Zhuge", "small Shangfen playing Golden Bough" 5; three episodes of the "real Ayutthaya stage star within the prime Dakui official libretto, and repertoire" black wind Pa "," take Chengdu, "before the Ying Yang", "Mountain", "this take Xingyang 5; four episodes for the the" true the Kyoto the paramount stage star Xiaomu Health Quben and repertoire "dark five pots of mind "," Pretty Girl "and the" Mount Dingjun ", the" nourishing cylinder, "Wen Zhao Guan"; five episodes' the real Kyoto first class the stage star Zhou Chunkui Quben "," Wu Lei array repertoire " , "a handful of snow," Jade River "," yangpingguan, "trial Assassin" 5; six episodes as "truly Kyoto first class each corner a little the called day Quben", repertoire Wei-shui River " "the Qixing lights", "Yellow Crane Tower", "Qin Qiong sell horses," Gao Yuzhuang 5; seven sets of real Kyoto first class stage star the small Liansheng Quben ", the Deputy Head of Tianshui off" playing robes "," Wulong "," honest and upright official album "," Empty City "5; eight episodes received" Hung sheep hole "," the Palace "," Mulberry foster parents, three gas Zhou Yu " Chaisang mouth "5; nine episodes received" San Niang godson "," Hachiro Tan Mu "," before this Famen, "Barred Plymouth Rock River, the Famen Temple" 5.
opera "Nantianmen,"

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