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August 4.1900-The Northeast China Aigun City fire case

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In July (Boxer tenth day), August 4, 1900, Northeast China Aihui City fire case. the

Aihui today name Heihe City, located in the West Bank, Heilongjiang and Blagoveshchensk, Russia and across the river.
1900 During the summer, the the tsarist army large-scale cross the river to the invasion of northeast China. August 4, more than 10,000 Russian troops divided the amphibious three-way toward Aihui City. 3000 defenders fought valiantly 7 hours, killed 300 people, after the retreat. Russia cite Champa large search looting, adultery, killing, "Zong Huofen city, fire candle day, several days endless. "Thousands of residents were burned alive, Aihui City into a pile of rubble.

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