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August 4.1913-Sun Yat-sen and many other revolutionaries fled to Japan

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August 4, 1913 (on July Guichou third), Sun Yat-sen and many other revolutionaries fled to Japan. by Shanghai like

Sun Yat-sen and many other revolutionaries fled to Japan
Sun Yat-sen Taiwan In 1913, Sun Yat-sen, (on TodayOnHistory.com) Hu Hanmin his party pictures on the ship went to Japan, Shinano pill from Keelung transfer day round went to Japan to take the Japanese round the Fushun pill go by Fuzhou Keelung. Arrived in Kobe, turn arrived in Tokyo on the 18th. Huangxing Following the Sun after the 27 arrived in Tokyo, a pseudonym Okamoto justice. Has arrived in Japan, as well as Li Lieh-chun, Bowen Wei, Nakai held Xie Xu Chongzhi, Tian Tong Liao Zhongkai, Xiongke Wu, Li Genyuan, Niu Yongjian, Lin Hu, cold more, Cheng Qian, square acoustic Tao, Zou Lu Tan Renfeng, Lee bookstores and other people. Ho, Dai, Zhu enforcement situation after the failure of the domestic, have also to Japan. (Lsjt.org)
revolutionaries fled to get the assistance of the Japanese soldiers. The day China Wu Guanqing wooden declared pure call the chief of the general staff, said: "Whether it is standing humane or moral, should be sympathetic to the southern Kuomintang, and, as far as possible, be assistance should be given at least a full convenience. "Ni Si Chong sent a letter to the Japanese consul in Nanjing do this, send troops to the Japanese merchant ship raid Li Lieh-chun. The Japanese side said "find it difficult to recognition.

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