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August 4.1913-Xiongke Wu declared its independence in Chongqing

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August 4, 1913 (on July Guichou third), Xiongke Wu Chongqing declaration of independence.

Xiongke Wu declared its independence in Chongqing
in Chongqing of Sichuan the Taoyuan Army Commander-in-Chief of the Xiong Kewu In August 1913 in Chongqing, Sichuan Fifth Division Xiongke Wu declared independence. Fifth Division is organized by the cadets Shujun evolved strong revolutionary. Yuan Shikai life Sichuan Governor Hu Jing Iraqi repression, Chongqing Party and head of the division and brigade requirements revolted Xiongke Wu then determined. Declare independence, 分兵 the two to Longchang and tateishi stations, cold slope field onslaught, and send troops with the dragon light attack Luzhou Hu Jing Ealing Tomb base attack by North Road, Chongqing, Liu Cun thick Yanjiang East 12th, Yuan Shikai make Hubei Governor Li Yuan-hung, Guizhou Governor the Shaanxi Governor Zhang Fenghui, Yunnan Governor Cai E, (l $ jτ.cń) Tang Jiyao "discretionary reversal crack rendezvous pocket destroy. " Four the captaincy Zunling dial soldiers to aid Sichuan.
fighting began, the two armies at loggerheads, each advance and retreat. 14th, Sichuan army the Week Chun Ministry battalion commander beam crossing, He re-Hee, Wu Xingguang Longchang frontline killed the head of Wu Chengli response Taoyuan, 28, beams crossing led his troops in a night raid Luzhou, bloody two days and nights of her inability to. (History. Cn)

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