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August 4.1942-Chinese Expeditionary Army to withdraw from Myanmar

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August 4, 1942 (, Imo June 23), the Chinese Expeditionary Army to withdraw from Burma.

Chinese Expeditionary Army to withdraw from Myanmar
Lo Cho-ying In August 1942, China Expeditionary Force commander (L $ djτ.cōm) far permit Army has completely withdrawn from Myanmar. Addition to the thirty-eighth Division, and the twenty-second division to enter India, the other troops of Chiang Kai-shek command by Du Yuming break through the cordon, returning via Nanpanjiang plum seedlings Namkham west. The savage mountain the forest Bitian the Du Yuming Ministry via, the soldiers left behind, missing, disease, death, and the enemy chasing resistance destruction by several times more than the battlefield casualties. "The officers and men to death numerous succession along the bones of corpses, tragic." According to statistics, 10 million public expeditionary force to this only remaining 40,000. Later, the KMT army chief of staff Yingqin not without sigh: The Burma war, from beginning to end fighting and showed a passive situation, although the officers and men fought Yongming, difficult to save the global is indeed a pity ". Beginning of northern Burma, end to end in failure.

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