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August 4.1996-Chinese scientists said a new origin of life

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August 4, 1996, June 20 (Rat), our scientists have suggested that the origins of life and new.

life come from? Zhao Yufen and Cao Peisheng Chinese scientists at the 11th International General Meeting of the origin of life, with a rigorous theoretical and experimental results from the three aspects of the chemical model, the mathematical model and dynamic model proved: amino acids and phosphorus compounds - phosphoryl Amino acids are the seeds of the origin of life. Domestic and foreign experts believe that uncovered the origin of life and evolution in the history of "first, the chicken or the egg" similar to the mystery of the eternal mystery.
a long time, research on the problem of the origin of life, there are two main factions. The protein faction that protein is the origin of life, the first nucleic acid protein after; nucleic faction that the first nucleic acid protein.
the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Professor Zhao Yufen and her leadership laboratory study in phosphorus chemistry, not only found that the the phosphorus element plays a dominant role in the chemical processes of life, phosphorus is the control center of the chemistry of life processes, and phosphoryl amino acids with a self-catalytic effect on phosphorus transesterification phosphoryl translocation itself grew up phenomenon found in a large number of experiments.
since 1991, Zhao Yufen and collaborators, won the National Invention, vice president of the China Association of Inventions Cao Peisheng jointly proposed: phosphoryl amino acids is well with the origin of the proteins and nucleic acids. As the smallest biologically active molecule, the chemical nature of phosphorylating amino acid is very lively, both can be self-assembled into a protein, while the synthesis of nucleic acids with nucleoside.
Yu-Fen Zhao et al's study caused a strong reaction in the origin of life at home and abroad community. The Primorac Cano Antonio, the Executive Committee of the International Life Sciences Institute and other authoritative scientists believe that Zhao Yufen report important results of an exciting, valuable life sciences research. (L $ djτ.cōm) Swiss Professor Louis in the origin of life research for decades, he Zhao Yufen said: "I spent 30 years looking for self-evolution of molecules, but did not find. Now you find your success, and I congratulate you. "Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu calculated the researcher Zhang also said:" This is without a doubt a high level of research, which set up a (mathematical) formulas based on the experimental results and summarized using a highly compact mathematical form provide an overview of the relationship between phosphorus and ribose and amino acids, this formula is mathematically reasonable chemically rich content. "
It is reported that the results of the study in terms of bio-engineering, gene therapy has great application prospects. (L $ djτ.cōm)

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