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August 4.1997-Has permit most longevity by Yana calment, passed away

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August 4, 1997, the first two days of July (Landmarks) has certified the most longevity by Yana calment, death.

Has permit most longevity by Yana calment, passed away

Jana • calment, (Jeanne Calment, 1875 - 1997 4, 2011), the French, she lived 122 years and 164 days, which is the longest in the history of the known life. Her life has been on file by the scientific record; compared to the other cases, there are more records to prove her age. • Carl Mans 1875
Jana was born in France and Asia ears, at age 14 coincides with the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889. Most of his family longevity, brothers lived to be 97 years old, his father, 94-year-old, 86-year-old mother live. cousin of
1896, she married the wealthy Fernandez • calment, (Fernand Calment), and thus life do not need to work and live a comfortable life, which is an important reason for her longevity. Her husband died in 1942 from two married 50 years ago is even worse four years. Her longevity than his daughter Yi Yun (Yvonne): She died in 1934, and their grandson were killed in a the locomotive car accident in 1963. unlucky transaction
1965, 90 years old but no descent Jana • calment, signed the agreement were common in France, independently owned apartment "Longevity" (en viager) sold the Francois RUIFU (François Raffray) lawyers. RUIFU then 47 years old, agreed to pay her monthly living expenses until his death date, this agreement is sometimes referred to as "reverse loans, apartment price when the transaction is equal to 10 years of living expenses. Unfortunately, she lived for more than 30 years, the RUIFU but in December 1995, died of cancer early step passed away at the age of 77. His widow must continue to pay for her living expenses. (History. Com)
1985, Karl Mans to move into a nursing home, independent to the 110-year-old, however, until 1988, "Van Gogh visited the Asia-ear Centennial Memorial occasional interview she renowned. She said that the 14-year-old in his father's shop met Van Gogh, and described his "dirty, dressed simply ugly and difficult to get along", while It is said that she also participated in the 1885 Victor Hugo's funeral. age
114, Carl Mans in the movie "the words too and I" (Vincent et moi) in cameo themselves, and became the oldest actor ever. A French documentary about her life called "with Jana calment spanning 120 years" (Au-delà de 120 ans avec Jeanne Calment), released in 1995. In 1996, she was living in nursing homes published CD "time wife (Maîtresse du temps), her recollections spindle, with the percussion and melody. She also cravings, quit until 117 years old, because she was almost completely blind, but shy away from asking for a light cigarette lighter with others. She is also available to determine and last lived people in the 1870s. the interview
1988, the 113-year-old Carl Mans Guinness Book of World Records granted the title of "the world's oldest". She was first published in 1989, the Guinness Book of Records to be mentioned. However, the same year this title was withdrawn and given to Charles White of Florida, its declared born in 1874, although in a follow-up study of census still some controversy. (Lssdjt.com) In February 1991, 14 Wright's death, only a thin one week that the 116-year-old Carl Mans became known "when the world's most elderly. October 17, 1995, expiration of 120 years and 238 days, surpassing Japan Springs heavy Chiyo into the Guinness Book of World Records, "the history of the oldest, which the latter claimed age is also subject to certain questions . Deducted still have questions about Charles White and springs weight Chiyoda, Carl Maintenon was the first to live to be 115-122 years old, is the only non-controversial live more than 119-year-old man (other similar record but did not prove, see longevity Statement).
her on August 4, 1997 in France and Asia ears after the death of Mary - Louise, Canada • Mela Emanuel became known when the world's most elderly.
her at the age of 85 studying fencing, at the age of 100 can still ride a bicycle until the 114-year-old can freely walk around. She revealed to her the secret of longevity is olive oil, her a lot of food to add olive oil, and rub the olive oil on the skin. Her long-term consumption wave wine.
cognitive health greatly different week she ate two pounds of chocolate, and long-term smoking, until the 117-year-old eyes bad point not smoke stopped. the OpenCourseWare Comment: I am really envious of age, live more than one hundred twenty-two rare old birthday.

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