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August 4.2010-Russia's MiG aircraft manufacturing company was forced to temporarily shut down due to fire

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August 4, 2010 (, GY June 24), Russia's MiG aircraft manufacturing company fire forced to temporarily suspend production.

Russia's MiG aircraft manufacturing company was forced to temporarily shut down due to fire
2010, Russia's MiG aircraft manufacturing company fire forced to temporarily suspend production
according to Russian news reports, severely affected by forest fires and their smoke August 4, the total production line located in the outskirts of Moscow, the Russian MiG Aircraft Manufacturing Company was forced to temporarily suspend production workers and staff have all holiday home, could be expected to lay-off a month and a half long. A source close to
a MiG aircraft manufacturer said on August 4, due to the impact of the fires, the higher concentration of airborne smoke, is located 135 kilometers southeast of Moscow Lu Huowei Aceh Russia meters cell aircraft manufacturing company of industrial production platform, "MiG" production systems was the date of lay-off, only the duty still factory work. The source said: "The whole factory all the workers holiday home, the only staff on duty, the Boilermakers, electrician, and some of the leading work. (History cn)
plant to another to sources, all workers at 10 o'clock on August 4th holiday 12:00 when the rest of the staff home. The factory will resume production after the fire and the smoke dissipated. Fedorova, MiG
spokesman, said later that the factory suspension is out of the leadership's concern for the safety of workers. She said: "The corporate orders for full factory is orderly work. Even if the work stoppage lasted two weeks, not a terrible place, and later we will catch up order fulfillment plans. Managing
Russia Infomost consulting firm Rebak not break the contract, the the MiG company production plant up consecutive stoppage a half months, after all, is not a time of war, to current effective load, lay-off a few weeks there will not be any serious consequences. Even the Russian defense industry system downtime phenomenon continues, national defense capabilities and economic, will not produce what terrible consequences.
"MiG" production line use efficient production equipment, can be manufactured from ultra-light aircraft to modern fighter aircraft, including a variety of aircraft. The plant is currently being produced MiG--29K/KUB carrier-based fighters, Il -103 civilian light aircraft and Su-29, Su -31 sport aircraft fuselage composite parts. The self-assembly shop opened in 2005, Russia's most modern workshop. Belong to the production system there are the special column the quarter, Ya Kewo airport, the MiG company here own production volume of all types of aviation equipment of various tests and flight tests. the forest fire situation is extremely serious in
Luhuo Wei Qi District, July 29 Lu Huowei Qi Moho Woye, the village was a forest fire engulfed 15 houses were completely destroyed and nine people were killed, including a fire members. 3 days after, firefighters found another two villagers were burned to death on the evening of August 1. The (Lssdjt.com)

Aug. 2 shooting attacks was a forest fire, Mahathir Woye Village. The Mahathir Woye village is located about 150 kilometers south of Moscow, the Russian capital, local residents had to be evacuated after the fire broke out. Since this summer, this year, the various regions of Russia the historical rare hot and dry weather, and forest fires and peat fires.
Comment: Russia this summer fires seriously affect the normal operation of Russia a number of key sectors and industries.

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