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August 5.2025-Liu Xiu accession to the throne, the establishment of the Eastern Han Dynasty

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Aug. 5 years, 25 (, Yiyou June 22), the accession to the throne, the establishment of the Eastern Han dynasty Liu Xiu.

Liu Xiu accession to the throne, the establishment of the Eastern Han Dynasty
Liu Xiu, the Han emperor Guangwu, after the Han Dynasty (Han) founding emperor in Chinese history known clarify confusion Lord. Xinmang Dynasty, home and fall apart, chaos, revolted as the of there former administration descent of ordinary commoner Liu Xiu momentum in his hometown. AD 25, Liu Xiu Greenwood Army publicly break with the emperor ascended the throne in Hebei for the table the Han Dynasty weight Hing intended, is still "Han" is the name of the country, known as the Later Han. After a the unification wars over more than a decade-long, Liu Xiu has flat off the separatist forces of reform, red eyebrows and Gansu, Sichuan, and many other disputes war since Xinmang dynasty for more than twenty years the earth again attributed unification. word text
Liu Xiu (- AD 57) tert-Nanyang Cai Yang (now Hubei Zaoyang), others. Han emperor Liu Bang generation descendant. Red eyebrows, Greenwood uprising, Liu Xiu brother Liu # holding recovery surnamed Liu domination purposes, the uprising in the Chung Ling, "Chung Ling army" composed of a seventy-eight thousands participated in Greenwood uprising. achieved the great victory of the Battle of Kunyang overthrow the regime of Wang Mang in
Gengshi the first year (23). the soon of
, Liu Xiu Hebei activities made part of the officials and landowners support, and incorporated the the Hebei region's copper horse, high lake reconnect peasant rebel army, the strength of a large newspaper. Kansai said Liu Xiu bronze horse Emperor. Liu Xiu send someone
soon Xisha Gengshi regime the chancery thank bow, a complete break with the peasant army, August 5 (Jianwu the first year of June 22), 25 years, Liu Xiu proclaimed himself emperor, reconstruction Han regime, capital Luoyang, known as the Eastern Han Dynasty.

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