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August 6.1965-"Eight six" naval battle started.

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August 6, 1965 (, Otomi July tenth day), "eight six" naval battle started.

"Eight six" naval battle started.
1965, "eight six" naval battle started. The Kuomintang Navy Guard 2nd Fleet large hunting submarines Jianmen "and small hunting submarines Zhang Jiang" No. set sail from, Zuoying Port, Taiwan, on the evening of carriageway the Fujian Province the Dongshan Island southeast brothers Lantau waters, attempt to mainland transport spies. PLA Navy South Sea Fleet was informed that the above situation, and even if the police district of Shantou water 4 to 11 torpedo boats and corvettes ready for battle. 23:13, 4 corvettes and torpedo boats, six were ordered to attack. At 1:42 on the 6th, corvettes group found the target, 2:51 and began to concentrate firepower attack "Zhang Jiang" 3:33 to sunk. Torpedo boat the group cast torpedoes, without obtaining victories, quit fighting. 3:35, the torpedo boat is in standby 5 Go reinforcements, with the corvettes group collaborative the chase "Jianmen", fired the torpedo torpedo boat team 10, 5:22 sunk. Sea battle, the People's Liberation Army Navy sunk a total of two KMT navy hunting submarines, more than 170 people killed by the commander of the Guard 2nd Fleet Rear Admiral Hu Jiaheng following, "86" naval battle lasts 3 hours and 43 minutes, made after the founding of New China PLA Navy wipe out the victory in the battle at sea, the prisoners "Jianmen" Lieutenant Colonel Captain 33, the People's Liberation Army Navy fast light vessel formation melee midnight oil, closely coordinated and centralized reached a war of annihilation by superior forces. After the war, the Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China issued an order to the fighting forces of the awards, granted to the electromechanical soldiers Mak Yin was a "war hero" title. People's Liberation Army Navy were awarded 611 corvettes the "the sea heroes boat", 119 torpedo boat "hero speedboat title. the the

"chapter Jiang" minesweeper
big test of the new China, a Navy combat effectiveness

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