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August 8.1961-Mei Lanfang died

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August 8, 1961 (June 27, 1901), Mei Lanfang died.

Mei Lanfang died
Mei Lanfang died
Mei Lanfang died
Mei Lanfang died
Mei Lanfang died
Mei Lanfang died
Mei Lanfang died

Mei Lanfang
Mei Lanfang, the name Lan, word Huan Hua origin Jiang Su Taizhou (now changed to County), was born in 1894 in Beijing Peking Opera Liyuan family . His grandfather Mei Qiaoling with light 13 absolutely "one, the famous female roles actors; The Mei Zhufen early years of his father play Laosheng after speech niche last changed Tsing Yi, lifetime is also quite well known actor of female roles. The Mei Lanfang childhood nurturing by the opera, thanks to a lot of teacher, and his 8-year-old on stage acting, 20-year-old has been renowned north and south, the 25-year-old overseas Performances. 1919 to 1935, he went to Japan, the United States, the Soviet Union performed the first Chinese Peking Opera spread overseas renowned Chinese and foreign opera artist. gossip natural
of Mei Lanfang lifetime achievement, according to incomplete statistics, in his life acted Beijing and Kunqu Opera, including starring and with speech, the total number of no less than 200, more than 130 out of rough statistics, performances, his life repertoire traditional repertoire of his speech, adaptation and new creation, fashion new opera, classical musicals. See line of business from the role, Tsing Yi, artistes, apartment door once, Peking Opera Blues, such as playing a niche line of business, Mei Lanfang life often performed masterpiece "universe Feng", (Lssdjt.com), early to middle age performances masterpiece "The Drunken Beauty "11" Farewell My Concubine "," Roselle "," anti-Kinbyo ", in the late show masterpiece" Shengsi Hen ", after the founding of New China, or staged masterpiece" Mu Guiying command ", the masterpiece of the medium-term performance repertoire Mei's performances this essence, but also the essence of the China Peking Opera Art. performed ballets
Mei Lanfang and diverse subject matter, the story beautifully, Mei Lanfang both play a tragic role in the play, comedy roles, court lady, heroine, ladylike fashion woman myth fairies, etc., are giving a pleasant feeling. Those who saw Mei Lanfang warm and moving performance scene will never not forget to be enchanted by the charm of his art, enjoy being immersed in the beauty. Mei Lanfang life
continue to explore and innovativeness to adapt to the demands of the times, from the screenplay, acting, singing, dance, make-up, musical accompaniment, lighting design, bold innovation, especially in the compose costume The new play, sing, read, do, dance, make-up, costumes and other aspects of the innovation. Chinese classical dance Qinggemanwu attracted to opera. The ancient Chinese opera in song, dance, drama three combinations of formally made an outstanding contribution. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
Mei school singing is the essence of the art of the Mei school. Mei Lanfang has inherited the traditional king sent founder Wang Yaoqing Tsing Yi, Huadan blend together to create a sweet, peaceful, beautiful sounds plum chamber. His anti Tsing Yi holding his stomach silly sing "the old tradition. Create a new style of dance both gives a fresh feeling. His achievement lies in the lines of Tsing Yi, artistes, apartment door once, paste once, Peking Opera Blues and other female roles singing and performing arts, comprehensive, organically combine. Creating a rising star in this new line of business, greatly enriched the female roles singing the melody. Mei Lanfang not only in singing theoretically many achievements, he was still New ancient drama, a lot of innovative new cavity, such as create a new anti-Siping cavity where the "too true rumor"; "San Niang godson" have created a the anti-Sipi binary; South clapper slowed in "Farewell My Concubine", sing into three panels. Has spread due to the soothing rhythm beautiful accent, became kuai moxibustion population famous aria, endless. He broke the Tsing Yi South clapper can not sing the old regulation. Is the female roles Chuang open a new path. Late plum cavity, more decorative tone, singing reached another sweet and deep, hardness and softness of Wonderland, the Mei Lanfang carefully study the female roles of singing skills, great attention from singing pronunciation to the natural end received euphemism people sounds endless aftertaste. He advocated: Britain, pick, slip, health, just soft, since fall, light weight, Dayton, broken, trembling, even 14 singing skills. He is also good at absorbing Jingyuntaigu other operas, the other line of business of singing has been used to make their own style of singing is both rich and innovative, people evaluate Mei Lanfang's aria "no cavity is not new, nor cavity is not like the old" plum Lanfang Peking Opera performing arts have classical beauty of Qinggemanwu. His important contribution to compose his costume drama from the essence of ancient poetry, painting, sculpture, martial arts, and a variety of performing arts, a lot of dance, the traditional dance Qinggemanwu introduction of actresses, art. Disk dance such as "Moon" flower sickle dance, "beauty", "Tiannvsanhua silk dance the" Daiyuzanghua flower hoe dance, too true rumor "whisk dance," Lian Jinfeng thorn the mussels dance, sword dance "Farewell My Concubine", "Roselle" fairy dance and so on, these dancing light and picturesque, exquisitely, known in the world, the Japanese plum dance called "Mei Dance" in episode few completely dance moves create artistic conception, "diffusing" beautiful dance movements, plus elegant phrases, beautiful singing, people revel in the classical beauty of the dance sound of "Farewell My Concubine" two swords elegant dance, it is really amazing, "Roselle" wonderful gestures and dance in heaven Wonderland, to express the the romanticism rich atmosphere, greatly adds poetic color. The Mei Lanfang Qinggemanwu dances accompanied by beautiful singing, forming the Mei school art original classical beauty. Mei Lanfang debut appearance, not yet open, the audience will be attracted by his elegant and courtesy. Preoccupied to pay attention to his every move. The effect of this stage only a master artist to create.
Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Chinese opera a new milestone in the history of the development of Peking Opera inheritance, innovation, development stage to more than half a century of artistic practice, he made a landmark contribution. His female roles art not only influenced his contemporaries, but also affect the next generations; affected both the development of the art of Chinese Opera also affect the development of World Dramatic Art. Mei Lanfang artistic beauty with his character beauty are inseparable. Shanghai and Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation, well known beard chi to the deeds. His life style forever, he is easygoing, polite-spoken, respected mentorship, open-minded, good advice, peer-blind, broad and deep cultural accomplishment, concerned about his disciples, cherish talent in the art world for the elephants. The (history today the www.lssdjt.com)
Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Art pioneer in China spread to overseas, his life three times to visit Japan, the second visit to the Soviet Union, the first visit to the United States. Mei Lanfang's visit to Japan in the first two was a complete success, the Japanese critics agreed that the opera has a formal beauty and a symbol of the United States. Mei Lanfang's visit to the United States so that the American people an eye-opener to get rid of a mistaken view of the Westerners held by Chinese drama, cultivate some ocean opera fans. Mei Lanfang Peking Opera seeds sown in the United States, after half a century, now bear fruit. Mei Lanfang's visited the Soviet Union should be regarded as a new milestone in the cultural exchanges between China and the Soviet Union. The former Soviet Union, the famous artist Stanislavsky watched Mei Lanfang's performances give a high evaluation. The three-nation trip
Mei Lanfang, Peking Opera Art spread overseas, made a trailblazer, a far-reaching influence. China Peking Opera in World Art Gallery unique art of any nation can not be replaced. Zhao Yanrong

Mei Lanfang play opera "universe Feng" in the Mei Lanfang Peking Opera "The Drunken Beauty" plays Concubine Yang (taken in the 1950s ).
Mei Lanfang and Enlighten teacher Wu Ling Sin together
to Mei Lanfang played of Deng Xia Kou image
and Yang Xiaolou "ray of Ma co-star of "Farewell My Concubine"
famous painter Qi Baishi congratulations Mei Lanfang performed successfully

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