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August 10.1907-Su Yu was born, the first of the ten generals

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In the first two days of July (DingWei years), August 10, 1907, the first of the ten generals Su Yu was born. born "target =" _blank ">

Su Yu was born, the first of the ten generals
Su Yu Su Yu (1907-1984) the Chinese modern outstanding strategist, military strategist, revolutionaries. and Huitong, Dong. was born in Hunan Province, August 10, 1907 Fulong Township (now the name Village Township), Huitong County maple tree foot village. foreign schools, private school transferred to the county's home "school in 1918, in March 1924, to enter the school to learn of Changde Second Division in 1925 In the spring, admitted Changde, Hunan Province established the second Normal. arrangements for party organizations to the the Ye Ting 24th Division Training Battalion, any squad in June 1926, joined the Chinese Communist Party in August 1, 1927, he participated in the Nanchang Uprising in 1929, due to repeated military exploits, Su Yu succession liter Renying Zhang regiment, the division, the Fourth Red Army chief of staff, red Eleventh Army Chief of Staff, Chief of Staff of the Red Army post. participate in the creation of Gannan, Minxi the struggle of the revolutionary base, smash the enemy four massive campaign war [lsjt.org]
in July 1934 Su Yu rate of red seven Army northward anti-Japanese advance team went to Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi base New Fourth Army has more than 7,000 in July 1940 to set up a Red Cross Army Chief of Staff went to Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi Border Region to create a revolutionary base after the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, he served as the deputy commander of the New Fourth Army second detachment to advance to the Jiangnan behind enemy lines., Chen Yi, Su Yu rate the Su Zhongjun Commander advance Subei. created in September Huangqiao for the anti-Japanese base areas in Northern Wannan Incident in January 1941, he served as the first division of the New Fourth Army (after and political commissar) member and political commissar of March 1942, and chief of the Soviet Union and the regional party secretary in March 1943, the command of the Battle of the axle, wiped out the Japanese officers and soldiers following Misawa Colonel 460 people, destroyed 50 enemy bunkers, the first in the country to enter the strategy counter-offensive posture. February 1945, the rate of a division main crossing the river south, he served as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, military commander and political commissar. commanding western Zhejiang three Battle against stubborn, and annihilated 13,000 people in June 1945, in the party's "Seven ", elected to the Central Committee alternate.
victory of the war, in October 1945, he was appointed deputy commander of Central China Field Army commander Huazhong Jun District Command the Gaoyou campaign, and the Longhai Railway Xu (State) sea (state) campaign, wiping out the Japanese and puppet troops refused to drop more than 20,000 people, ready to engaged the Kuomintang army offensive inside fighting favorable conditions, central China, Shandong liberated areas together into one after Chiang Kai-shek launched an all-out civil war in June 1946, the command of the main Central China Field Army 3 million people, and 120,000 US-mechanical equipment of the Kuomintang army combat, Seven-seven Czech Republic, one and a half months and annihilating 5.3 million people. Ren Huadong Field Army deputy commander, in January 1947, has directed the Subei Lunan Battle the Laiwu, Timon, Menglianggu, and so on, were annihilated seven military the (reorganized division) and a fast columns within the KMT-called "elite troops" the reorganization of the 74th Division. together with Chen Yi rates of East China Field Army main advance Southwest, south Dabie Mountains cover of the Shanxi-Hebei-Shandong-Henan Field Army, the main command of sand set Battle, and annihilated a reorganized division. Area of ​​Central Field Army in 1948 on behalf of the commander and on behalf of the political commissar of June concurrently Yu Wansu Military District Commander. sixty-seven months, the command of the East China Field Army eight columns, two columns in the Central Plains Field Army the Yudong Battle, destroy the enemy more than 90,000 people. September Command Jinan Campaign overcome sturdy fortified cities of Jinan, and annihilated more than 100,000 people in November Huaihai Campaign was launched in the 6th. the Su Yu commanding the East China Field Army and destroy the enemy 44 people (the l $ jτ.cń) Mao Zedong once said: "Huaihai Campaign, Su Yu Li first work!"
1949 months of any Third Army deputy commander and deputy political commissar of the (still acting commander, political commissar duties). arrival of a campaign the command post Ministry Zhuijian fleeing enemy five military liberation of Nanjing, Hangzhou (history Today. com) May commanding Battle of Shanghai, and annihilated the main eight military Shanghai peripheral against serious damage, he was also the Military Control Commission, deputy director of Shanghai, Nanjing Military Control Commission Director, Mayor of Nanjing, East China Military and Political Committee Vice-Chairman. September 30, 1949, the leaders of the party and the country is the Monument to the People's Heroes in Tiananmen Square held a groundbreaking ceremony. Chairman Mao Zedong first approached shovel when he got up, one way or another Zhu De, and crossed many people, pull Su Yu [1 $ djτ.cōm] triple and He Long approached the monument shovel of soil.
the founding of the People's Republic of China, served as the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Commission, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) People's Liberation Army Chief of General Staff, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Military Academy of Sciences, the first political commissar of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Military Commission in 1955 was awarded the rank of general, to was a eighty-one Medal a independent Medal of Freedom, a Liberation Medal. Eighth to the Eleventh CPC Central Committee, the first to the third member of the National Defense Commission, the third to the fifth National People's Congress, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Advisory Commission. ( L $ djτ.ЙЁT) In February 1984, died of illness in Beijing.

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