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August 17.1987-German Nazi Party Deputy Leader of the Hess death

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August 17, 1987 (summer of Dingmao-June 23), the German Nazi Party Deputy Leader of the Hess died.

German Nazi Party Deputy Leader of the Hess death
Hess 1923 to participate in beer stores riots, fled to Austria after the failure. After should be the Hitler of the church, returned to Germany surrendered, record and finishing in prison, and was released from prison after Hitler dictated "Mein Kampf". Any of Hitler's private secretary in 1925. 1932 Chairman of the CPC Central Committee and the Political Committee of the Nazi and Nazi Party members, the same year was elected Congress. April 1933, Hitler appointed as the Nazi Party deputy leader of the actively supported Hitler military buildup. In September 1939, Hitler officially designated as the heir of the head of state following Goering. May 10, 1941, the secret to pilot a plane to fly to Britain, leaving the great mystery of the 20th century. World War II at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal for trial. In October 1946 sentenced to life imprisonment, conspiracy and crimes against peace. Death in 1987 in West Berlin prison "suffocation".

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