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January 1.1999-Birth of the euro

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January 1, 1999 (14th Tiger years winter months), the birth of the euro. the

Birth of the euro
Birth of the euro
Birth of the euro
Birth of the euro
Frankfurt Stock Exchange put on the "euro" the banner
1999 January 1, 2010, the euro in the Member States of the European Union within the scope of the official release, it is a kind of independence and legal tender status supranational nature of the currency, the European Union according to the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty, the euro on January 1, 2002 from circulation. 7
the European currency Bureau euro grass like a nominal value of 5 euros (gray), € 10 (red), 20 euros (blue), 50 euros (orange), 100 euros (green ), 200 euros (yellow) and 500 euros (purple). Par constituted by three basic building elements of the windows, gates and bridges, respectively, on behalf of the EU openness, cooperation and communication between the spirit. officially began trading
the French masses
in front of the Paris Stock Exchange rally, (1 $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) celebrate Euro exchange of the day in Brussels a skating rink, a skating armed marked with the exchange rate of the euro against the Belgian franc ring
about 1 million people gathered in a huge euro symbol next to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, to celebrate the euro smooth start

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