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August 13.0604-Emperor Wen Yang Jian's death

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604 the JiaZi on August 13 (July 13), the death of Emperor Wen Yang Jian.

Emperor Wen Yang Jian's death
Emperor Wen Yang Jian's death
Emperor Wen Yang Jian, July 21 (541 -604 on August 13, 2011), the Sui Emperor of China (reigned 581-604 years)
for the people parents, how can limit The narrow strip of water, do not save nearly - Emperor Wen On the must cutting Chen; law can not be countered. Such as the general will, I am the father of five children, the father of Mega Man, why do not the system of emperor child law almost? Ann loss method - not afraid that Emperor Wen of the Law; whole world, are I Robinson, I 'upbringing, all-deposit Rensiao - of Emperor Wen
Emperor Wen Yang Jian, because after two hundred years of division re-unified as one immortalized. In fact, regardless of the seizure of power or the reunification of the world, are all natural events, and he implemented a series of changes in the throne of the reform of China's political structure, truly embodies the generation male main visionary.
Yang Jian boarded on the way to the summit of power, has a unique advantage. His father Yang Zhong is the founding fathers of the Northern Zhou regime, exploits hehe, the official to Zhuguo, sealed with national companies. Yang Jian 14-year-old career career and later married the Great General Tokgo believed female wife, so the addition of a strong political backing. After twenty years of operating, AD 580, Yang Jian has climbed to of 骠骑大将军, Daxing County public position, and female Northern Zhou Xuandi Queen. This year, the North Zhouxuan Di died young static emperor throne, Yang Jian collusion Elegance fake Chao made the post of Colonial Secretary that dominate the affairs of state, this is perhaps the most critical step in the lifetime Yang Jian.
At this time, Yang Jian win the Northern Zhou regime has become the trend of "riding a tiger". He placed cronies, deployed forces, and actively prepare. Decisively to eradicate the most powerful in the Northern Zhou Dynasty imperial clan "King repression of the Yuchi Jiong, Sima Consumers difficult people mutiny. 581, Yang Jian to a decent situation forcing the Northern Zhou Jingdi Zen located him, the establishment of the Sui Dynasty. This change, on the surface in the Han Yi Yi, but in fact this time in mixed one edge between northern barbarians Han, the Sui Chaohuang room, regardless of origin or character, customs, were razed Han fusion product.
when the Chinese regime, Jingchu of rear spar country and Jiangnan Chen Dynasty. The rear spar of the small force micro has been attached to the Northern Zhou, Sui annexed. The Chen Dynasty is in the ethos of a sluggish flashy, has been far from the vibrant Sui opponent. Emperor Wen seize two hundred years of epic proportions historical opportunity for the North-South unification 589 years to send the the Jin Wang Yang Guang command of 500,000 troops, not after how much fighting to break through the natural barrier of the Yangtze River, perished perfunctory for national policy, Chen North Korea. the New Deal
Emperor Wen, full of groundbreaking, (lssjt.cn) after Tang Dynasty flourish, dissolved into the veins of China's feudal political. Deal can be broadly divided into two major parts of the political and economic, the basic idea is deprived of aristocratic despots of various resources, make it into the great unified country's ruling system. The from Emperor Wen Teng pole began the first year of the New Deal, the way of thinking of the reform has been maintained to the final stages of his life. the aspects of
political bureaucracy, creating a six provinces in three provinces, namely, chancery, sects, within history, in charge of administrative and ears of a supervision order, as the highest executive body, six officials, China, ceremony, soldiers, torture , the workers. This distribution of power system will help prevent power is too concentrated in the hands of some minister, has been followed for generations. At the local level, in view of the state, county, and county levels system very confusing, the Emperor Wen reform sword cut the county level, renumbering the state and two county laid off a large number of the Kang official Kang member, on the order send and lower-ranking officers up more convenient. Next, the the Emperor Wen provisions Nine more officials appointed shall be owned by the central Ambrose elected annually by the Ministry of Personnel assessment, and to develop the principle of "evasive" and that local officials try not to choose the locals. These measures to prevent potential family tyrannical monopoly of local power at the time, it has been later adopted. [? V history today?? Com]
adapt with the reform, Emperor Wen abolished grade System, canceled the the door first limit of the Appointment of Officials. Then, in AD 587, Emperor Wen introduced the examination system of selecting officials for the origin of the imperial examination system (the origin of the imperial examination system, there are different versions), the imperial examination system is constantly changing, and has been extended to 1905, a profound impact the multiple levels of political and social culture, when the point of maximum impact Emperor Wen New Deal. the
socio-economic aspects, Emperor Wen Northern Dynasties Juntian and rent modulation minor changes to the national implementation. Then, in the country to implement the large-scale the scraping households movement "," the big cable Maung read "door-to-door checking account, do not miss one. Promulgation of the world as soon as possible in order to better match the scraping households, but also based on high? Proposal, the implementation of the "lose membership of the Act, that is lower than the tax collected by the landlord served by the government advance will be a good number of taxes and corree () so that the the despotic landlord subsidiary households see more affordable for encoding the people of the country from the despotic landlord automatically become national taxpayer. These measures not only in order to increase state tax revenues, but also against the despotic landlord strengthened centralization of power, while reducing the tax burden of the population, can serve three purposes. In addition, Emperor Wen also unify north and south of weights and measures and currency.
Emperor Wen develop "Huang law. Which is characterized by a probation thin Fu, and save a lot of charges, the same sin also suffered the penalty has been reduced.
Emperor Wen is the famous frugality diligent Jun. His daily hearings representative government, marking the memorial, from morning to night, tirelessly, and often go out inspections, personally Dynasty, access to the sufferings of the people. Share all caught in their own hands, rather than assured to the subjects as handed down. After years of steady development, national accounts doubled, and foreign warehouse, all surplus product ", Emperor Wen Dynasty (the L $ djτ.cōm) National accumulation of food, it is estimated that the available rulers expend five or six years. Sui Wendi
famous wife tubes Yan, Queen Tokgo Singhalese from the same prominent family, of Emperor Wen career help great, how many ideological ingredients from Tokgo after Emperor Wen of policy, is hard to estimate. Tokgo efforts inside and outside the court to maintain monogamy known for her preference for the second son Yang Guang, which affects the Emperor Wen Heir decision, but before Emperor Wen died, Yang Guang seems still the most like a throne. good successor, the last in the misfortune of a palace, Emperor Wen was Yang Guang the patricide (the matter is still in doubt), Yang Guang inherit the throne, [lsjt.net] famous tyrant Later "too numerous" crimes committed Emperor. Sui dynasties died, perhaps Emperor Wen only mistake is to choose the wrong heir. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
in Chinese history, Emperor Wen's role is not just creating a dynasty. He is not only the end of the North-South divide a situation of more than two centuries, and successfully transplanted the original Northern Zhou system to the north and south. System he founded, the imperial examination system, six provinces systems all impact than a thousand years of Chinese politics, and lost nothing in the short-lived Sui Dynasty. Emperor Wen was ahead of his time, among in Datang huanghuang Saatchi, has he made a. Emperor Wen, ranked 50 among the the book 100 outstanding emperors,. the
Reviews: the Emperor Wen Yangjian era Northern Yi Han intermarriage, an official with the DPRK, the equal enjoyment of power, has no force will be divided into two different people, which means that a large fusion Grand Unified era has arrived. The Yang Jian I precisely two kinds of descent, the two cultures blend of talent, he completed reunification has become the choice of history.

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