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August 14.1900-Eight-Power Allied Forces occupied Beijing

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(July 20) Boxer, August 14, 1900, the Eight-Power Allied Forces occupied Beijing.

Eight-Power Allied Forces occupied Beijing
the Eight-Power Allied Forces in the the Tiananmen forefront of the team
August 1900 14 am, the Eight-Power Allied Forces to launch a general offensive. The Russian attack Dongzhimenwai, the Japanese attack Chaoyangmen U.S. military attack Dongbianmen. In 11:00 Dongbianmen break, some U.S. troops first invaded the outer city. British troops start up to noon Beijing Guangqumen of attack, scored to 2 pm. 9:00 pm, Russia, the Japanese each Dongzhi Chaoyang broke into the house. When the diary
Englishman Road: "the walls of the city is faced by the Japanese and the Russians, sixty feet high. Forty feet wide at the top, on top of the wall together with the army, the two armies all day to intercept live. Efforts made countless times with strong cotton explosives blew open the gates, but each to send someone to ignite the fuse are overthrown. (Lssdjt.com) this continued until both the Japanese and the Russians each suffered a loss of one hundred people were killed. "U.S. military attack Dongbianmen," the walls thirty feet high and nine feet wide, and the farther away from the fire of the Chinese people ". So the U.S. military decided to go from the corner of the wall with a ladder, some ninth infantry team with stars and stripes to climb up. However, although this is the first to enter Beijing outside the city, they are exposed to in a shot from the city is on the walls to the distressing down under fire. " Noon, the British army to the the Xuanwumen impact forward, after the release of ten to twelve rounds, and the gates open ".
15, 2007, the Eight-Power Allied Forces offensive to the inner city of Beijing and the Forbidden City, the American said: "We have decided to attack the Imperial City, Sha Fei generals ordered U.S. troops concentrated in the front door. At 7:30 on the 15th or so, the city walls in the front door above shelves four cannon, "the three cannons trained on the west side of the one and a quarter miles Junji door, the enemy infantry and poor The artillery is there fire. Other guns trained on the Imperial City. "When coalition forces rushed to open the Tiananmen offensive to the gates of the Imperial City," was on the walls, the tower on the attack with heavy fire. Day, guns huge success, join hands to the bombardment of the inner city. U.S. troops fired on in Zhengyangmen, three-door fire smoke billowing. And night, the city of the north, a half-day red, shining as bright as day. Midnight the night, "Wen Pai gun without a break, being officers and soldiers in Tiananmen Square, then the battle", "foreign soldiers bombing artillery Li Meng, potential then why he did not close teams into the Meridian Gate. Qing Tiger God camp keep the back door, Jingshan along the array to be dawn when, "with foreign troops engage in fierce battle for a long time, killed his soldiers many corpses everywhere. The gunfire come and go, backdoor bombers destroyed, spread to both sides of the housing and do a robbery ash ". The Code Andingmen is the the former Jilin generals Yan Mao, knowing the game was lost, and then the next city. "So the capital nine full proceeds of the four countries of Britain, Japan, the United States, Russia, and the tree its flag carry. In various streets and street fighting of the coalition forces, coalition forces and the Qing, the Qing warring day of each other are not laid down arms, Japan, Russia, the British Army gradually expelled bowls to go back to the two parties in the northwest. U.S. troops with artillery to attack the Imperial City, South Gate, immediately destroyed door. (History cn) In the 16th, the Qing continue throughout the capital of fierce street fighting, Americans witnessed, said: "Thousands of people since the day before yesterday afternoon, has been hidden in the walls of the palace of to The Designate opportunities. The Chinese bullets are also quite violent, I ran into the by the rupture tilt the door, and danced in their hearts. "Chinese corpses in determination, euphemistically nature, the case of the attack to subside, the death of Jew Lie. (Lssdjt.com) "French Archbishop Fan Guoliang when the diary Road: the street anti barrier many begin with rice sacks whom. In addition to the Boxers and house officers and men not count its number of officers and soldiers stationed in the streets at least 1,500 are held fast gun. "
As early as 7:00, the Japanese soldiers, French soldiers rescue Xishiku Church in Xihuamen fighting bowls, bowls killed 800 people, French soldiers dead 2, injuring three people. 10 pm, Law Minister and admirals are to seeing the church in Xishiku Fan bishop interaction Qingyu Health, hugging for the ceremony. The church is surrounded by two of more than a month, the total death parishioners hundred people killed by mines child seventy-six, French soldiers dead ten people, Italian soldiers died and five people. "To the evening, the Eight-Power Allied Forces occupied Beijing city.
national commander of the "Chartered army public robbery three days, Beijing is caught in an unprecedented misery, which is the capital of China for hundreds of years for the first time a foreign occupying forces ransacked. Uematsu-liang,
Japanese II site reported that: "towering floor of oars for coalition forces crushed incinerate, lost the number of centuries Wei Huan beautiful old track detainees, only twelve ears. Outside the city brutally Bingxian Market ruined loss very twenty-three. The residents surrounded escape, brothers wife discrete, face bleak. Goods, fancy predators, the women trampled abuse the tone there of, can not protect themselves. This into Beijing's troops, non-multiplexed strict discipline of the past. The school Death sergeant, sergeant about peers, and the day is openly plundered, and I by my own eyes. Meter Regal high official of the capital Inhabitation actually befell difficult, definitely not too Theory. "And inside and outside the treasury, the storage of silver, and money the Hodo storing millions string new casting system money, Lu meters, warehouse storage meters stone, both are carrying an empty. "And smell the inner court of the palace, and Summer Palace furnishings, have ransacked Qing Jin cloud. "
Reported that the countries foreign soldiers" all name of marque Boxer, search ordnance, small groups, body cross-guns, hand-held razor, door-to-door in all streets Chuaimen infiltration. Bedroom closet, everywhere to rummaging everywhere search. Where money watches valuables worth thing, robbery captivity in an instant, the city called the interference. Slightly hindered, he incurs harm. " The Rui Cheng at home, in the book, said: "States foreign soldiers full Ninetowns ablaze by three night south of Tiananmen Square to bridge Incinerate, West four Xidan Incinerate, Chaoyang the gatehouse, former gatehouse were burned to naught. "
Waldersee to the Kaiser report said:" All China's suffered damage and loss of robbery, the number of details will never be able to find out, but the number must be extremely significant, no doubt. "Because the robbery occurred rape women, cruelty, random killings, unexplained arson and other things, the number of poles are many, is also to increase people's pain reason. The "
coalition forces ransacked the Forbidden City, the three sea imperial history of the City, the Summer Palace. 1148 Temple of Heaven loss ceremonial vessels, the Sajik altar loss ceremonial vessels 168, the Song Zhu Temple lost gold-plated Buddha more than 3,000 statues, bronze Buddha more than 50 statues, 13 magnetic Buddhism, 12 pairs of magnetic bottle, 40 gold-plated utensils, silverware, seven, copper than 4300 pieces of tin 58 pieces Zhuangfan 70 first, more than 1,400 pieces of brocade embroidery, bamboo hall were more than 110, more than 1,600 shaft MOOK treasures, musical instruments more than 100 pieces. Six Jiuqing other Yashu all armed forces of various countries accounted for barracks crazy ransacked. Luang driving library lost chariot multiplied by 21 multiplied, Luang driving 1373 car sedan 12 2, Ebel, 282 Princess meter stick, 84 Wong example, color stick, an old and new cloud disk umbrella, brocade flag of 133 9 ivory, elephant saddle two sided war drums, two more minutes, static whip 2, and with the odds and ends. Imperial Academy lost tens of thousands of copies of the classics, history books, they lost 307 Yongle Encyclopedia, money Hodo string of tens of thousands of new cast copper money, Chang Temple in the James Bond ceremonial vessels, gold and silver tableware Guanglu Temple, were robbed empty. Japanese snatched from the Ministry of the treasury three million ounces of silver, and countless rungra brocade stole 320,000 Shicang meters and all the silver from the Imperial Household. Throughout the library section only missed appointments meter silver two 60 million the other judgments artifacts, DAVID Treasure of the value is difficult to estimate.
kings mansion also highly attractive. The French army took away from the ceremony palace the silver Z00 ten thousand two, and countless antique treasures, and from the Tateyama home snatched 365 string beads and about the value of 300 million taels of silver antique. The Japanese hidden well away from the treasure are Fuchu 30 million taels of silver, According to the Imperial Household outs: the palace lost treasure of more than 2,000 pieces, with jasper shells 24, 47506 Siku collections, two Jinshi Chen Zhong, Li Tinggui ink 1 units, Wan big screen 4, a jade horse hair inverse the Yuxi India "a real smoky quartz beads string, the hair inverse Lin Fengxiang, Hong Xuanjiao teeth l co. As for the damage to houses, trade names, shop impossible to estimate. into the city beginning
, the Eight-Power Allied Forces surrounded the altar mouth manhunt Boxer, more than 1,700 people in that the Zhuang palace a kill group only, or even kill Whenever the Chinese people on the firing. French Army group of Chinese people into just a cul-de-sac bursts of 15 minutes, until no one living far, the embassy staff also individual joy killing contest. After the The Beijing street corpse plot as a mountain, the coalition forces to expel the Chinese clean-up at the corpse, again clean up all the killed.

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