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August 17.1971-Nazi German Field Marshal Wilhelm Liszt died

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August 17, 1971 (, Xinhai June 27), the Nazi German Field Marshal Wilhelm Liszt died.

Nazi German Field Marshal Wilhelm Liszt died
William Liszt (German: Siegmund Wilhelm List, 1880, 14, 2007 - August 17, 1971), German field marshal, strategist.
Liszt, born May 14, 1880 at a doctor's family in upper Ji Erhe Fort. After graduating from high school in 1898 to join the army (on TodayOnHistory.com) served in the 3rd Battalion of the Munich Bavarian engineers. After he graduated from the School of Artillery and Sapper, when engineers first battalion adjutant, and was promoted to lieutenant in 1908. Three years, graduated from the Military Academy, participated in Ingolstadt fortress build engineering. A year later sent to the Chiefs of Staff, service center in Bavaria, after adjusting Chiefs of Staff office.
World War I begins, Listeria has been promoted to captain in the Bavarian army any staff officers, and participated in the battle, fought in Lorraine, Flanders, Amiens and Maas area. The winter of 1915, he was seriously ill, and was transferred back to the Bavarian War Ministry services fully recovered. 1916 the summer any Shitelangci Corps staff officers, and the following year transferred to a preparatory 8 Division Chief Staff Officer. January 1918 was promoted Major, and soon became the section chief of the Bavarian War Ministry. After the war, initially serving with the 4th Army Command in 1920 to 22 years, he was appointed commander of the 7th Infantry Epp General Staff Officer, and later any mountain point where barracks battalion commander.
since 1924, Liszt presided over the 7th Military District Command assistance training teams. Later promoted to lieutenant colonel, and in 1926 was transferred to the Department of Defense Army Education Secretary. 1930 Dresden Infantry School principals will be exceptional promotion after three years. In 1935 he was promoted to military commander infantry generals, and later transferred to the 4th Army commander.
Liszt disapprove of National Socialism neither opposes. Many generals as the one hand, he will not last long believe that the reign of Hitler, on the other hand they have to obey the command of Hitler. In the spring of 1939, Liszt promoted to General. (Today in History www.TodayOnHistory.com) Polish campaign began, his command of the 14th Army active while Knight Iron Cross on September 30, 1939. In the French campaign, he commanded the 12th Army in color to when - Meiqiaier near break through the Maginot Line, plunging over the the Langres plateau to the Swiss border. 12th Army in the battle to annihilate the French army played a decisive role. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
in 1940 Liszt promoted to marshal his forces wiped out Yugoslav troops in the Battle of the Balkans, breaking the U.S. Tasa four lines of defense on the border with Bulgaria and Greece, defeated the main force of the Greek forces, reinforced by the British Expeditionary Force. April 27, 1941, German troops entered Athens. After the end of the Battle of Crete, Liszt was appointed as IDF southeast Front Army Commander-in-Chief in Athens. The Liszt illness surgery
1941. When fully recovered in March the following year after instructions from a trips to Norway to shield the orders of the names. The summer of 1942, he was appointed to the grounds of the 11th Army, the 17th Army and 1st Panzer Army a woven A group army commander-in-chief, was ordered to attack and occupy the Black Sea coast and the Transcaucasian region. At that time the Germans both take it, Stalingrad, but also launched an offensive to the Caucasus, is clearly insufficient troops. the end of
8, Liszt in Vinnitsa, Ukraine's leaders line camp to Hitler's statement of opposition dispersed troops grounds. While Hitler opinionated. As a result, Liszt and was ordered to resign for failing to beat the stubborn resistance of the enemy. A group army commander-in-chief duties concurrently by Hitler.
1945, Liszt Americans arrested and sentenced to life in prison on the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. December 24, 1952, his illness to be released from prison. the
Reviews: Although the Nazi senior generals in military history, especially as in the Battle of Poland, France, the Balkans and the Caucasus, should be written on the sum.

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