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August 15.1878-China's first set of stamps issued

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August 15, 1878 (July 17) Tiger years, China's first set of stamps issued.

China's first set of stamps issued
China's first set of stamps issued
China's first set of stamps issued
China is an ancient civilization, has a long history in postal communication. As early as 3,000 years ago in the Shang Dynasty, China organized postal relay communication. With the invasion of imperialism, modern postal service was introduced to China. The first concurrently postal invaders under the control of the Chinese Customs, then belongs Customs Post Office opened in 1878, and then open to the public and issue stamps. Our first set of stamps "Broom" stamps, issued on August 15, 1878, dating back more than 134 years of history.
was issued a set of stamps, the design of a variety of patterns, such as the "perennial elephant", "the Liuhe Pagoda", "dragon diagram", "dragon and phoenix play bead , "Ssangyong contention beads. "Yunlong" pattern is selected. The stamps are known as the "Big Dragon" stamps. The name "Big Dragon", the main figure is similar to the second set of stamps issued to 1885 compared derived. The first set of the larger, so called "Big Dragon", the second set of smaller, so called "dragons". Large dragon stamps had three phases printed, because the quality of the paper and the margins are different, so they were called "tissue Dragon," a wide-brimmed Dragon, "Thick big dragon" . large dragon stamps
ordinary stamps, a full set of three, the pattern is the same. The main figure is a symbol of the Qing royal family - Beaulieu, lined clouds water waves in front of the dragon is a glowing pearl. Stamps on top of the box for the English word "China" (CHINA), below the box to the English translation of the text of the sort of silver. Upper corner of the "Qing", [history today www.TodayOnHistory.com] the lower corners of the nominal value with Arabic numerals. The right border of India "Post Office" left border points silver ". The stamps par with Customs WenYin green to silver, red for the third of silver, yellow for the fifth silver, three perforations are almost always 12 degrees. Large dragon stamps is printed is estimated that more than two hundred ten thousand. Through all the vicissitudes of life, surviving scarce, worth double, to the late 1980s, each set of stamps has reached the highest price a few thousand dollars.
"Dragon" as China's first stamp, occupies an important position in the history of China Post and traffic in the history of its birth at home and abroad believe that a major event in the history of Chinese culture . To commemorate the 110 anniversary of the large dragon stamps issued in 1988, China's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications special issue of a commemorative stamp sheetlet across the country also held a variety of commemorative activities.

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