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August 15.1962-Lei Feng sacrifice

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August 15, 1962 (July 16) Renyin, Lei Feng sacrifice. Lei Feng of

Lei Feng sacrifice
Lei Feng sacrifice
, 1940. Changsha, Hunan. Came from poor farming families, seven-year-old orphaned.
1962 8 15, the People's Liberation Army soldiers Lei Feng died on duty, at the age of 22 years old (born in 1940). Lei Feng into a 7-year-old orphan. Into the school after the founding of the party and the people. Higher primary school to participate in the work of land reform and nation-building. Participate in the People's Liberation Army in 1960, and incorporated into the Corps of Engineers a unit of transport with a total of four, several meritorious service, was named conservation the pacesetter and exemplary Komsomolets. November to join the party. The following year, any squad, Fushun City was chosen as representatives of the people. Killed in the line of duty, on January 7, 1963, the Department of Defense named his lifetime where the classes for the "Lei Feng classes", March 5, Mao Zedong wrote an inscription: "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng. "Zhou Enlai inscription:" Learn from Comrade Lei Feng: hate Love distinct class position, practice what they preach revolutionary spirit, the selfless style communism, selfless proletarian fighting spirit. "Since then, set off a craze of the people across the country, especially the young people to learn from Lei Feng.

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