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August 16.1945-The dissolution of the Wang puppet government in Nanjing

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August 16, 1945 (, Yiyou July ninth day), the dissolution of the Wang puppet government in Nanjing. died after

The dissolution of the Wang puppet government in Nanjing
Wang Jingwei, took over as chairman of the puppet government in Nanjing Gongbo In August 15, Japan announced its surrender, the chairman of the puppet government in Nanjing Gongbo be insulted the reminders week Buddha, and senior officials in Nanjing open central political meeting. In the 16th meeting, Zhou Fohai published a simple declaration, declaring the dissolution of the National Government can, the remaining issues are invariably talk about. Mei Siping come to read, that is considered by a pre-drafted the manuscript. Gongbo said: "the end of easy to institutions, but the Nanjing involved a lot of people, and how the aftermath should talk about. "Zhou Fohai said that the dissolution of the Declaration has endorsed, and also talk about other issues, he finished off in a huff. The Gongbo back to the shelter after news came after another, he realized that he has been betrayed by Zhou Fohai cry your head. the Gongbo multiply day secret flight to Japan in
8, 25, and go with Chen with pseudo-of Anhui Province length Lin Bosheng, the Central officers school education long He Bingxian pseudo Industry Minister Chen Junhui, pseudo-civilian Zhoulong Qixiang Chen public Hiroyuki wife Lee Reed Zhuang, the outer chamber Mo Kang. After Japan surrendered, Imai Takeo, the Gongbo find the Japanese representatives, asked to go to Japan refuge. Today well to Okamura report. The Japanese and Tokyo after the decision of the General Command of the Chen desperate Japanese. Aircraft to save fuel, in addition to leaving a seat outside to Chen, shall be dismantled, airplane adventure nonstop Kyoto, Japan, but because of the wind direction, had landed in Japan Sanin Yonago Airport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan decided the Gongbo line placed in the Kyoto Golden Pavilion Temple.
the Gongbo Pro on the machine wrote a memo to the Chiang Kai-shek's own difficulties. Once central command immediately return surrendered.

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