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August 16.1951-Green Gang ringleader Du Yuesheng died

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(, Xin Mao on July 14), August 16, 1951, the Green Gang ringleader Du Yuesheng died. of

Green Gang ringleader Du Yuesheng died
Green Gang ringleader Du Yuesheng died
Du Yuesheng
, Du Yuesheng, formerly known as Yung, word native of January Sheng, later changed to the word line. Born in 1888, the people of Shanghai. The early years with big gangster Huang Jinrong, Quintin Sun jointly organized Sanxin, chairman, started selling opium. 1921 rogue leader Huang Jinrong, Zhang Xiaolin sworn brothers to become one of the leaders of the Shanghai Green Gang. The 1927 led destruction of rogue the Shanghai workers armed uprising, to participate in the April 12 coup and, (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm) killing of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions chairman Wang Shouhua. The KMT reign of former Kuomintang government land, sea and air General Command of the consultants, Shanghai anti-Japanese national salvation, the Standing Committee of the Shanghai local Association, chairman of Commercial Bank of China, China Industrial Trust Company, chairman, director of the National Boat Federation, in exchange Bank Chairman, public Dongju Hua Dong, French Concession in Shanghai, the KMT Government Executive Yuan counselor. After the victory, the first Speaker of the Kuomintang Shanghai Senate, the first session of the National Assembly, the revival of the Shipping Industry Co., Ltd., using rogue organization "constant social collusion of the KMT. Fled to Hong Kong in 1949, he served as Director of Castle Peak Hotel, Air China Allianz Insurance Company, chairman of the Hong Kong branch. Died August 16, 1951 in Hong Kong. the
Du Yuesheng and disciple Zhang Xiaolin (left) DU Jia Citang

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