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August 16.2008-Zhang Ning reelected Olympic Games women's singles champion

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August 16, 2008 (July 16, Lunar New Year), Zhang Ning reelected Olympic Games women's singles champion.

Zhang Ning reelected Olympic Games women's singles champion

August 16, 2010, the end of the Beijing Olympic badminton women's singles gold medal battle, the Chinese player Zhang Ning 2-1 victory over teammate Xie won the gold medal, becoming the first reelected Olympic Games women's singles gold medal athletes, Xie won the silver medal. This is the Chinese badminton women's singles players swept the gold and silver medals in the Olympic Games for the first time. first game
the beginning, the two sides launched a multi-shot contention, both sides turn up the score a little stronger, Zhang Ning offensive, frequently under pressure to score a 7-5 lead, after Xie consecutive errors Zhang Ning made the lead to 9-6, after both sides played very patient, multi-shot scramble quite intense, Zhang Ning top of the head with a slash at smb score 11-8 lead into the technical timeout, pause after Zhang Ning again a record succeeded to 13-8 before the split hanging net continues to lead, after Zhang Ning, twice in a row mistakes, then Xie pull the ball, turnovers, Zhang Ning assault score to 15-10 lead.
Zhang Ning occupy a certain advantage in offensive speed to push the ball and slash at smb., her continuous net nets score opened the score at 18-11. Zhang Ning, another record head to kill diagonal score ,19-11! Since then, Zhang Ning, head hanging net turnovers, Xie pull the ball out of bounds, Zhang Ning to get game point 20-12 lead, the final Xie kill the ball into the net, Zhang Ning to 21-12 to win the first inning. The second innings
Xie active play, while Zhang Ning mistakes too much backwardness 1-6, After Zhang Nimrah hanging Scored slash at smb. succeeded chase into a 3-6. Since then, Zhang Ning consecutive errors to 3-8 behind, Xie a head under pressure ahead score to 10-4 After Zhang Ning three consecutive top of the head to kill a straight line score will recover as the score 7-10, Zhang Nimrah then the bottom line out of bounds Xie technical timeout leading 11-7.
suspended after Xie speed up the attack speed hack hanging net and under pressure continuously succeeded to a 14-7 opened the score. After Zhang Ning play still active, once to chase the score 10-16, but after her consecutive pull the ball out of bounds to far ahead 19-10, and 21-10 to regain a bureau. The
tiebreaker Zhang Ning offensive proactive first Na Sanfen subsequent the Xie lob and flutter network score chase into a 2-3, Xie bit impatient, continuous split hanging nets mistakes, Zhang Ning forehand hook the diagonal score 6-2 lead. Zhang Ning under continuous pressure offensive score to 8-3 lead Xie trying to speed up the attack speed, the two sides launched a multi-shot contest, Xie consecutive errors, Zhang Ning to technical timeout leading 11-5. suspended after
Zhang Ning adhere to the initiative to attack, slash at smb combined nets continuous score to 13-6 lead, after Zhang Ning consecutive errors, Xie continuous chase into a 10-13 score, Zhang Ning seems Tilibuzhi nets mistakes, the pressure of the bottom line out of bounds, both score only one point gap. Xie pull straight out of bounds, Zhang Ning, a two-point lead to 14-12. Since then, Zhang Ning, another board assault score to 15-13 lead, followed by Xie kill the halftime score, Zhang Ning put the net under the net, both labeled 15 level. Zhang Ning head kill,
straight line score, Zhang Ning put the net and 16 levels! followed by Xie flutter mistakes, Zhang Ning to fight to recover the body score to 18-16 lead, followed by Xie pull bottom line Zhang Ning judge mistakes, Zhang Ning top of the head to kill a straight line score ,19-17! Xie nets errors, Zhang Ning got the match point 20-17 lead, Xie ruthlessly head split diagonally chase into a 18-20 score, the last With XieXingFang put the network mistakes, Zhang Ning and Xie 21-18 victory over achieved the gold medal, Xie won the silver medal.
comment: Zhang Ning is really the evergreens of the Chinese women's badminton!

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