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August 23.1960-The death of music maestro Hammerstein

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August 23, 1960, the first two days of July (Boxer), music maestro Hammerstein's death.

1960 23, Winston - Churchill told the Parliament that he was very pleased to see the cooperation between the United States and the United Kingdom. He said their joint like the Mississippi River as powerful, choppy rushing forward. Churchill is very good at informative words he quoted from - Oscar Hammerstein wrote "Old Man River". (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
Hammerstein died of cancer today. He was 65 years old. Through the 1920s composer Jerome - Cohen, 1940s and 1950s with Richard - Rogers cooperation, he wrote the most suitable for the lyrics of the songs. He is a powerful song crown "Busi Ting outskirts everywhere June day topic; fill a Fantasia" I last saw Paris "lyrical lyrics. (Lsjt.org) Naili - Forbush in "South Pacific," sings, "I like August in Kansas enrich" like any drunken Lotte Tour "would like to sing the same. The lyrical poet
The proud of his language can gain plot. "The Sound of Music" (1959), Maria Teresa, who, full of energy asked the how abbot.He living arrangements. Ordinary of the opera might make her answer the flat faint to be forgotten, but Hammerstein let her sing "climb over the mountain, only a handful of the Numerals more than a thousand words. (History. Com)

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