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August 23.1884-The outbreak of the French fleet attacked navy Fujian Mawei naval battle

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(Jiashen July third), August 23, 1884, the French fleet attacks the Fujian Navy Mawei naval battle outbreak.

The outbreak of the French fleet attacked navy Fujian Mawei naval battle
1884 August 23, 2011, the French fleet attacks on navy Fujian Mawei naval battle broke out. (History today. Com)
Mawei Ma Jiang is a section of the Minjiang River in Fuzhou Mawei Port in Fujian naval base. In the Sino-French War, the aggressors, the Qing government, war indecisive, hesitant differences, then the use of force with the diplomatic blackmail to force the Qing government into submission. In mid-July 1884, the the French Admiral Guba rate Fleet "traveled" in the name, entering the naval port of Mawei. Fujian and Zhejiang Governor HE?, Shipping Minister HE Ru - zhang, Li Hongzhang foreign concessions compromise the impact of the policy, fearing to offend the aggressor, affect the Sino-French "and proposed" and powers "mediation", is not only not applied to prevent but held a grand welcoming ceremony for the French fleet to come ready to attack the Chinese navy to "friendly reception". And "strict encyclical Navy, are not allowed to advance fired offenders wins also chop. Even prohibit navy ships moving in the harbor doubts about the Free French army. August 21, the Sino-French talks broke down. 23 morning, why not? Received consul in Fuzhou gauntlet, even blocked messages navy officers and soldiers are not allowed to battle assignment officers and men "act rashly, but hopes begging for the French army Extended offensive. However, one p.m. French ship to Fujian Navy fired offensive. The Fujian Navy in no rush to fight back for any defensive war preparations. The majority of ships had a chance to weigh anchor, will be the advantages of the French army guns water have wounded sank. Naval battle in less than 30 minutes, Fujian navy warship 11, 19 transport ships, have all been destroyed. The officers and soldiers killed 521 people, injured 150 people, and 51 people unaccounted for. The French army, five people were killed and 15 people were injured (including Guba). Naval battle at the same time, the French army bombers destroyed the Westernization business for nearly 20 years, the Fuzhou shipyard and the two sides fort and numerous houses. Mawei defeated.

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