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August 26.1949-People's Liberation Army captured Lanzhou

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August 26, 1949 (Year of the OX leap July third), the People's Liberation Army captured Lanzhou.

People's Liberation Army captured Lanzhou
People's Liberation Army captured Lanzhou
Lanzhou City, the masses of all ethnic groups rally to celebrate liberation
1949 August 26, 2010, the People's Liberation Army occupied Lanzhou. On August 4, the People's Liberation Army launched a campaign for the purpose to destroy the Ma Bufang Group focuses captured Lanzhou and Xining, Qinghai. First Field Army Commander Peng Dehuai rate of the whole army troops in a clamp Hu Tsung-nan Ma Hongkui, concentrate superior forces to annihilate, Lanzhou, Xining, Ma Bufang, August 10, the People's Liberation Army main marched to Lanzhou, Xining, crushed the KMT along the way to block later, on August 20 to complete the encirclement of Lanzhou, cut the Kuomintang army retreat, the 25th general attack battle from dawn to noon the next day, total the annihilated Lanzhou ShouDi 27,000 people, the liberation of Lanzhou. On the same day, the Lanzhou Military Control Commission was formally established. The Liberation Army clamped Ministry of Ma Hongkui with Hu Tsung-nan, force it has been dared to rush to the rescue Lanzhou. The Liberation Army up a victory swept Candi. 41,000 campaign total F-KMT army.
People's Liberation Army and the enemy battle
Lanzhou peripheral Chen Jialing expand

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