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August 20.1905-Chinese Alliance was established in Tokyo

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August 20, 1905 (, Otomi July 20), the Chinese Alliance was established in Tokyo. Chinese Alliance in Central Association

Chinese Alliance was established in Tokyo
Chinese Alliance was established in Tokyo
Chinese Alliance was established in Tokyo
Chinese Alliance was established in Tokyo
secret approached authorities the former site
Chinese Alliance Premier In 1905, Sun Yat-sen, the Chinese Alliance in Tokyo held its inaugural meeting to will be about 100 people, Gansu has not yet sent the students studying in Japan, the rest of Kannai 17 provinces have attended.
General Assembly adopted the the United League Declaration drafted by Sun Yat-sen and the United League foreign Declaration "as well as Huang Xing constitution drafted. Passed by the General Assembly to discuss the articles of association headquarters location to Tokyo, Prime Minister following the division perform appraisals, judicial 3; divided into nine branch (there are five branch in East, West, South, North, both at home and abroad, foreign four branch in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, Honolulu), and to set up branches in the provinces and autonomous regions.
meeting elected Dr Sun Yat-sen as the Prime Minister, the Huangxing for the implementation of the Ministry of General Affairs long Assisting the Prime Minister presided over the headquarters work. The main staff of the agencies of this Part Zhang Binglin Jia-Cheng Cheng, Tian Tong Dengjia Yan, Wang Ching-wei, Song etc.. Provinces and autonomous regions were also presumed main Union. The Assembly passed the United League to 21st century Shina magazine as the official newspaper, later renamed "Min Bao.
Attached: the United League Declaration (excerpt) August 20, 1905 Tianyun years old times years captaincy Fengtian government of Japan and China Hua Guomin Army life, the aim of the Israeli government and coherent bulletin nationals. the
(a) drive out the Manchus. Today's Manchuria, the north of the Great Wall East Hu, Xi Ming Dynasty, record for trouble on the frontier; after multiplied Chinese eventful, long drive into the customs destroy my Chinese, my government, to force me to Han as its slaves, not from those who killings one hundred million million. I Han for the subjugation of the people of two hundred and sixty years in Sri Lanka! Manchuria vicious, consistent earnings so far completed, under the righteous army, the overlying He Chau Han, as regret Secretary to drop, free incrimination; dare resist, The Unforgiven! Han promising full slave to be a traitor, and as.
(b) recovery in China. China, the Chinese people of China, China's political, Chinese Ren, drive out the Manchus, Recover my ethnic country. Dare promising Shi Jingtang, Wu Sangui those world attack!
(Three), creation of the Republic. National Government today built by the Civilian Revolution, where the nationals are equal to the right of political participation. Presidency were held by the National. Members of Parliament in order to move the national public constituted to formulate the Constitution of the Republic of China, everyone shared by members. Dare to have imperial self as world attack!
(Four) the average land ownership. The well-being of civilization, national equality to enjoy. Improvement of social and economic organization, approved premium of the world. Its existing premium, original owners still all; increase in price for the progress of social improvement after the revolution, is attributable to the State for the national shared. 'm Monopoly system nationals life (on TodayOnHistory.com) all abandoned!
On four satisfied, the order of the measures, the three phases: the first phase of military law, and the Rule. The second period of about method of governance. Third Constitution of governance. To serve my National sequential forward, to develop the qualifications of freedom and equality, the fundamental of the Republic of China, Xu Ever in Yan. the
from left to right: Zhongkai, Zhu Zhixin, Hu, Song
United League issued by the party members license

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